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New Zealand welcomes international students at all of its institutions. Students intending to study can be assured of achieving qualifications of a high quality. The New Zealand Government has developed national quality assurance systems. All courses, programmes and qualifications offered at state institutions must be approved by a quality assurance body. Please contact us to receive information about institutions in New Zealand for international students.

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Language Schools
Polytechnics, Technical Schools and Institutes
High Schools
Boarding Schools

Types of institutions in New Zealand

Schools: Our education agency deals largely with schools at the secondary level (years 11-13).

Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand - Welcome International Students!
New Zealand welcomes international students, however New Zealand's immigration laws only allows an international student studying at a private provider that has been registered or taking a course...
Apply & Get Organised

Apply & Get Organised

Apply to Study in New Zealand
AA Education Network's role is to help students quickly and successfully achieve their New Zealand education goals using AA Education Network's proven free international student services, expert multi-lingual counsellors...

Study Options

Study in New Zealand Options
What can you study in New Zealand

You can study English in a language school. Or you can enrol in post-graduate study in one of our universities. You can take courses in a high school, polytechnic, an institute of technology,...

English Language School

English Language School

English Language School New Zealand
English Language School New Zealand
Find English language colleges in New Zealand. Study abroad in NZ and learn English as a foreign language or second language (EFL, ESL).
Popular English courses: Intensive...
Secondary School

Secondary School

Secondary School New Zealand
Schools will assess each student’s English and academic levels on arrival in New Zealand and place the student in the Year level most appropriate to their abilities. Most secondary schools are government established but t...
Foundation Studies

Foundation Studies

Foundation Studies New Zealand
Students who wish to go to University but do not want to go to secondary school because they may have already completed schooling in their home country and/or may consider themselves too old can qualify for University...
Undergraduate Degree Studies

Undergraduate Degree Studies

Undergraduate Degree Studies New Zealand
All tertiary institutions have a wide range of undergraduate study programmes. These can range from one year Certificate programmes, to two year Diplomas and 3 or 4 year degrees. Most degrees are 3 years.
Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies New Zealand
Entry to post-graduate studies requires verified confirmation of an acceptable previous study record and an English language level of IELTS 6.5 or better depending on the course.
Students who have already completed...
Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study Abroad in New Zealand
New Zealand universities offer an outstanding study abroad experience. The flexibility of the New Zealand university system gives you a great selection of courses and subjects, as well as the opportunity to truly immerse...
MBA Degrees

MBA Degrees

MBA Degrees New Zealand
MBA degrees are normally from 14 to 16 months full-time. They are very intensive and highly focussed programmes with differing entry dates between the four Universities who offer these programmes.
The Universities look at a...


Study New Zealand Requirements
International Student Applications

Apply here and receive our free services!

Can I Study in New Zealand
Can I study in New Zealand?
We welcome people who wish to study in New Zealand, and are...

Can I Study in New Zealand

Can I Study in New Zealand

Can I study in New Zealand?
We welcome people who wish to study in New Zealand, and are proud to offer high quality, internationally recognised courses. To keep up our good standards and reputation, there are some definite rules and requirements...
Cost of Living Funds

Cost of Living Funds

Study in New Zealand-Cost of living funds
Evidence of funds to support yourself

To gain a Student Visa or Permit we want to see that you’re able to meet your living costs during your stay.
Evidence may include:

sufficient funds held in N...

Course Requirements

Course Requirements

Study in New Zealand - Course Requirements
Study in New Zealand - Course requirements - Requirements for study programmes

To be eligible for a Student Visa or Permit you need to have an offer of a place from a New Zealand education provider.

School Age Students

School Age Students

Study in New Zealand/School Age Students
Who offers places to school age students?
New Zealand primary and secondary schools can offer education to international students provided they have been accredited by New Zealand’s Ministry of Education.  A...
Student Visa Health Requirements

Student Visa Health Requirements

Study in New Zealand / Student Visa / Health Requirements
Health requirements

When you apply for your visa or permit we need to be assured that you and any family members with you are healthy.  We make this requirement to safeguard the well...

Plans to Leave

Plans to Leave

Study in New Zealand - Plans to leave New Zealand
Study in New Zealand - Plans to leave New Zealand - Evidence of arrangements to leave New Zealand
Before granting you a Student Visa or Permit the New Zealand Immigration Service may want evidence...

Get Started

Plan to Study in New Zealand
The most important issues to consider when planning your study are:

your present English level
your previous education
what qualification you want to achieve
the entry requirements of this qualification...

New Zealand Student Visa

Visa Requirements

To enter New Zealand you will be required to obtain a visa or permit, these are available through application via Immigration New Zealand also known as the Department of Labour. Immigration New Zealand has branches located all over...

Student Visa New Zealand Requirements and Procedure

Visa requirements and procedure
If you want to study in New Zealand for less than three months, you don't require a student permit or New Zealand visa. For stay of more than three months, international students will require a student permit or visa...

Entry Requirements

Entry and language requirements

Tertiary entry requirements

The criteria may vary in relation to entry to tertiary study, this depends on the institution that has been chosen by the student. In most respects or cases where students are under the...

New Zealand Course Fees

New Zealand Course Fees

Each institute offers different fees and payment methods, it is best to check with an institute prior to enrollment. New Zealand offers world class education but it may be more pricey then other countries.


Semester Terms

New Zealand Academic year
Each University provides quality service and support to its students through the efforts of range of departments and providing information for visitors including governance and management, organisational structure...


Choosing the Best Course to Study in New Zealand

For most international students the idea of moving to a new country is a very daunting experience. With so many options available in the way of courses and educational institutes there is alot to...


Education in New Zealand - Terms
General commencement dates

Secondary schools run on four ten-week terms, starting in February and ending in mid-December. There are two-week holiday breaks in April, July and September. Normally, classes are held...

Fee International Student New Zealand

How much does it cost to study in New Zealand?

The cost of  studying in a New Zealand English Language school is generally less than that of other English speaking countries. The above prices are a general guide only.

Cost of Study for ...

New Zealand Scholarship

Please contact our team about scholarships.


Live in New Zealand - Living and studying expenses
Living and studying expenses

Tuition fees
Living costs - between NZ$ 7,000 and NZ$ 12,000 per year
Student Visa
Health Insurance

Full-time international students are...

International Student Support

Pathways to the New Zealand Experience
Free Application Process and Student Counselling
International students make up a high proportion of the student body of New Zealand institutions. Our student counsellors will assist students to understand...

Education Providers

Education Providers New Zealand

Find out about your study opportunities – where you can study and the qualifications you can gain. Click here!

English Language Schools in New Zealand
New Zealand is an English speaking country a...

English Language Schools in New Zealand

New Zealand is an English speaking country and most New Zealanders are of British descent. It is an attractive, friendly and relaxing country to study English with a wide range of adventure and recreational activities to make your time more enjoyable.


Polytechnics & Colleges

Polytechnics have traditionally specialised in vocational training, but that role has expanded over the last decade to meet the needs of learners and the economy. Many are involved in research activities, particularly in applied and technological...

New Zealand High Schools

New Zealand high schools - secondary schools vary in aspects such as single sex vs. co-education, religious emphasis, sporting strength and arts curriculum. Some students prefer small high schools or boarding schools where they will receive a lot of individual...

New Zealand Boarding Schools


Reasons for choosing a boarding school in New Zealand:

High academic level: The achievements of New Zealand boarding schools are very transparent and therefore comparable. Furthermore, taking part in a ranking system spurs top academic...

Work in New Zealand

Working in New Zealand - Looking for work in New Zealand
We welcome people wanting to study and work in New Zealand. Depending on the reason you want to come here, the skills you have to offer, and how long you want to stay, New Zealand has a selection...

New Zealand Jobs

New Zealand Jobs - Jobs in New Zealand
The Special Category Working Holiday Visa allows you to take incidental employment during your stay in New Zealand. There is plenty of short-term and casual work available and many employers prefer backpackers...

Au Pair New Zealand

AU PAIR in New Zealand
Advantages of Au Pair Jobs in New Zealand
Spend some months with an New Zealand family
Make new friends and learn about New Zealand
Benefit from exciting study programmes
Enjoy your independent travel
Whether you are...

Enrol now

There are many reasons for international students to study abroad in New Zealand. New Zealand has so much to offer!

Many international students study abroad in New Zealand to combine a top quality education with the famous New Zealand lifestyle which...

New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Visa
New Zealand Immigration Service
Registered Immigration Agents help you with details on student visa applications and conditions.
New Zealand Visa Requirements
Before leaving home you should always ensure that you have the appropriate...

Student Visa

Coming to New Zealand to study for a course lasting longer than three months? You will probably need to apply for a Student Visa. Find out about visas and permits and whether you need one.

Taking one course only, for less than three months? You can...

New Zealand Working Visa

Enhancements to immigration policy will make it easier for international students to work and study in New Zealand. The changes which come into force from 4 July 2005, will give more opportunities for international students to gain work permits after...

New Zealand Work Visa

The following is a new guiding statement for immigration student policy. Immigration student policy contributes to New Zealand’s sustainable economic development by:

facilitating the entry of genuine students, with a focus on attracting and developing s...

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) currently allow young people from different countries to spend 12 months in New Zealand and undertake temporary work.
The schemes contribute to positive outcomes for New Zealand by strengthening international linkages,...

New Zealand Guide

International students who have a valid Offer Letter are cordially invited by the institute authorities.

AA Education Network helps students to get a perfect landing – starting from their departure from the home country to the arrival at New Z...

Schools in New Zealand - Orientation

Schools in New Zealand - Orientation

The type of induction program offered to international students depends on the institution. Language schools normally involve guided tours and tour lectures. New Zealand schools may offer printed material to guide...

New Zealand Shopping

New Zealand Shopping

New Zealand is a mecca for trendy and fashionable international and local shops and offers consumers a world of luxury and comfort that many New Zealanders have come to expect.

Business hours

Opening hours are normally...

New Zealand Tax

New Zealand Tax

Understanding the tax system

If you stay for more than six months in New Zealand or have a enduring relationship with New Zealand as defined by the Inland Revenue Department, you are considered a "resident" for tax purposes.


Banks in New Zealand

Banks in New Zealand

Banking & Currency

New Zealand notes are traded in the following denominations - $100, $20, $10 and $5. Coins come in gold-coloured $2 and $1 denominations while there are also silver-coloured coins with 50, 20, 10 and 5 cent...

New Zealand Phone

Telephone, email and mail communication

Most public booths in New Zealand accept credit cards but only a few accept coins.
Calls to emergency services on 111 are free
The country code is 64.
Local telephone numbers have seven digits.

New Zealand Rental

New Zealand Rental
New Zealand accommodation is one of the lucrative privileges offered to students studying in New Zealand. Each New Zealand hotel is of the highest quality. Moreover, they are located close to the student's study location for convenience....


If you want to study in New Zealand, at school or tertiary level, you may need to get some advice.

Click here to receive free support

Partner in New Zealand

Joining a partner in New Zealand

If you have a partner who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, or has a work permit to work in one of the New Zealand jobs or student visa to study in New Zealand, you may be eligible to join your partner in New Zealand...

New Zealand Insurance

All international students are required by a Code of Practice to have New Zealand travel and medical insurance when considering study in a New Zealand institution. This can be arranged prior to arrival in New Zealand.
New Zealand Insurance Company -...

New Zealand Cost of Living

New Zealand Cost of Living

The cost of living is comparable to that of Australia and less than in Britain. For more information, please contact our team!

Our service helps to calculate the living cost for the student studying in New Zealand...

NZ Jobs

Internship and Jobs in New Zealand


If you are studying tertiary education, you must complete a practical on-the-job project to get your degree. This is done through an internship program that helps you to master special skills and...

NZ Education

New Zealand Education

Education in New Zealand comprises of early childhood learning, primary and secondary schooling, college, and university education. The New Zealand degrees and certificates are recognized globally. Thousands of international...

NZ Travel

New Zealand Travel

New Zealand is often termed as a traveller’s paradise because of its pristine natural beauty, rare flora and fauna, and adventure playground that is suitable for bungy jumping, trekking, hiking, and more. Travellers from all p...

Air New Zealand

Flying to New Zealand

Many NZ cities offer direct flights.
Strict security measures to protect against terrorism and pestilence

Duty free shopping
Goods up to the value of NZ$700 are exempt from duty

Carrying Cash
You must notify a...

NZ Immigration

New Zealand Immigration

Many skilled people, students, and travellers plan to immigrate to New Zealand each year. You must fulfil the visa application formalities to get your visa sanctioned. Some visit New Zealand on a Student Visa, Work Visa,...

New Zealand Cities

Picturesque New Zealand has beautiful cities interspersed in North Island and South Island. The cities are famous for parks, beach activities, vineyards, orchards, and various types of industries. Well-planned and attractive, the cities are regularly...



English School New Zealand
Service for international students is a free service for international students who wish to study English in New Zealand or require developing their proficiency in English for further studies or...

About us

English School New Zealand
We are a team of professional counsellors for accredited English language institutes in NZ providing reliable and independent advice about English language studies to suit all needs.
English School in New Zealand - Learn...
Learn English in New Zealand

Learn English in New Zealand

Learn English in NZ
Learn English in New Zealand at an English school in New Zealand - Personalised study programs for tourists, students, holiday makers. Free admission! Our student application service is for free, however language schools charge course...
Service for International Students

Service for International Students

Study English NZ
Studying in New Zealand is costly and international students must manage their resources to study in a popular accredited institute. AA Education Network (AA) has a solution – it is offered to students applying to institutes via o...
Study English

Study English

Study English New Zealand

Registered Education Agents help international students to study English in New Zealand. To apply for our free services and English tests , contact us here !
English Schools Look for Attractive Ways to Lure International...

English Language Courses

English Language Courses

English Language Courses in Comparison
Important: English courses in New Zealand are charged with a weekly fee between NZ$300 - 400.
Overseas students have to consider that living costs in New Zealand are around NZ$300 per week.
Our team can help...
General English

General English

General English (GE)


You can take a General English Langauge course to help improve your Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Grammar skills.


These courses are available for all people from beginners to advanced....

English for Adademic Purposes

English for Adademic Purposes

English for Adademic Purposes
English for Adademic Purposes (EAP) - might include IELTS Test Preperation
Undergraduate and Postgraduate University Studies in Australia require you to sit IELTS testing prior to University enrolement....
Business English

Business English

Business English
This course is designed for those wishing to improve their Business Communication skills.
This course teaches you the English skills to communicate to either English or non English speakers in a business...
English Tests

English Tests

We have the following free English tests available:

Free English Level Tests
Free English Certificates if you study longer than 3 months with us

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Cambridge English Certificate

Cambridge English Certificate

Cambridge English Certificate New Zealand

Cambridge English Test Preparation
A competency test, to help improve study and employment chances.
This course is designed for those wishing to improve employment purposes,...



IELTS Test Preparation
This is the course designed to help gain enrolment to University. It focuses on your English skills, aswell as the skills you will need to successfully undertake a Undergraduate or Postgraduate course...
IELTS Test in NZ

IELTS Test in NZ

IELTS Test New Zealand
IELTS is an important English testing examination that tests the fluency of English language for international students who visit New Zealand to study. AA Education Network (AA) has a free solution for students to tackle this...


TOEIC Test New Zealand
Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)
This is an English Language Test designed for those of non-English speaking backgrounds. This test will measure how well someone will do in a business, commerce and industry...

New Zealand Language Schools

English Schools New Zealand - "Excellent English tuition & study abroad experience."

Our English Schools New Zealand Portal contains information for people who would like to study English at a language school in New Zealand. We can help you...

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology

Christchurch Institute
Christchurch Polytechnic has been in the education business since 1906 as a provider of high quality accredited certificate, diploma and degree courses equal to any. The Institute has welcomed thousands of international...

Kaplan Aspect College

Kaplan Aspect College New Zealand (Christchurch)
Located in Christchurch, the ‘garden city’ of New Zealand’s South Island, the College has been teaching English to overseas students since 1979. The courses are accredited and recognised for t...

University of Waikato Language Institute

Language Institute
University of Waikato Language Institute – Pathways College

The Language Institute is an activity of the University’s Pathways College, offering students the resources to develop their English language skills in ...

University of Auckland English Language Academy

English Language Academy - University of Auckland
The ELA is located adjacent the University of Auckland, one of New Zealand’s largest universities, and offers a range of accredited English language courses taught by qualified and experienced t...


New Zealand College (Auckland)
Founded in 2002, New Zealand College (Auckland) is young and modern with state of the art facilities, qualified staff and great location. Students are encouraged and cared for by the staff and assisted with...

Kaplan Aspect

Kaplan Aspect Auckland
Kaplan Aspect Auckland was founded in 1984 and since then has provided a range of options for international students wishing to travel overseas and develop their English language skills.
Kaplan Aspect has been in...

The Campbell Institute

Campbell Institute
The Campbell Institute (Wellington)

Located in New Zealand’s capital, the Institute’s Wellington campus was opened in 2001 and offers flexible English language options to students from around the world. The facility is ...

Wellington Business School

Business School
Wellington Business School is an international English language school, among other courses, that also offers work experience, and Australian tertiary pathways with close links to North Coast Institute network of TAFE colleges...

ETC New Zealand

ETC English Teaching College
English Teaching College is the most multi-cultural Private Training Institute in New Zealand with a long tradition in teaching English to international students, migrants and refugees. Since our accreditation...


Working in New Zealand

Before entering New Zealand to study, international students will need to apply for student visas or work permits . Without a visa, students will not be able to enter the country nor will they be able to enrol into an educational...

Jobs Guarantee

Jobs Guarantee New Zealand
International students studying in New Zealand have numerous opportunities to develop their career. The Job guarantee scheme from AA Education Network (AA) will ensure that the students have an edge of other students and...

Demi Pair

Demi Pair in New Zealand

If you are interested in studying English, working part-time and learning about the New Zealand culture first hand, then the Demi Pair programme may just be the thing for you!
We can inform you about the requirements via...

Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa
Visa Requirements
Immigration New Zealand, otherwise known as Department of Labour, is the government department that is in charge of providing the visas and permits that you will need to stay in New Zealand. They have branches...

Work Permit

New Zealand Work Permit
It is well known that English students can enjoy excursions and leisure trips while studying in New Zealand. Now, they can even work part-time while studying simultaneously in the country as per changes by the immigration department....

Study English in New Zealand

It is a beautiful country in the Southern Hempisphere with a low cost of living and for University students – low fees and a plethora of advantages!

For international students the benefits of studying in New Zealand are numerous and given its m...


Located in the South Western Pacific Ocean, New Zealand (or Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White Cloud) is made up of two main islands, the North and South, as well as many smaller islands. Each island is distinctly different.
New Zealand’s mai...


New Zealand Schools
New Zealand Schools K-12 is a free guide for international school students, parents and teachers about studying at New Zealand schools.
Registered New Zealand school agents help international students to apply at schools in...

Schools in New Zealand

Schools in New Zealand is your online gateway to information about New Zealand education. It provides access to educational services and advice for international students and parents. The Programme for International Student Assessment, currently ranks...

Qualifications Authority

New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Strict High School Assessment Ensures Popularity of NCEA in Global Market
Education in New Zealand is at par with international standard. However, a quality regulatory body, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority...

Types of Schools

New Zealand Schools
New Zealand School Facts
New Zealand has over 2,000 primary and secondary schools. State schools and state integrated schools are primary funded by central government. Private schools receive a lower level of state funding (about...

Education System

New Zealand Education System

Education System
Primary education commences at five years of age and generally ends in the eleventh year, two years for intermediate schooling, and secondary education is compulsory until age fifteen.
Courses are...

High Schools

AA Education's High School Abroad Program provides students with an opportunity for a unique, rewarding experience that they will remember for a lifetime! New Zealand High Schools have welcomed international students from Brazil, Germany, Austria,...

High School Application

New Zealand High School Application
Please be advised that High Schools coast a yearly fee for international students. For further information please contact our student advisor via our application form.
New Zealand High School Application



New Zealand Education

Advantages of the New Zealand Education System
New Zealand's education system has currently been ranked as the seventh best in the world by the Programme for International Student Assessment. This country has well qualified...

High School Qualifications

New Zealand High School Qualifications

New Zealand High School Qualifications for International Students
High School in New Zealand is compulsory for students under 16 years of age. For those wishing to complete High School by sitting the senior...

Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa for High School Students.
The New Zealand government offers student visa's for both Primary and Secondary school students, in order to apply for one of these visa's you must have gained acceptance...

New Zealand Schools - Profiles

New Zealand Schools
An increasing number of Schools have preschools (for children aged 2 to 5 years).
Primary Schools
Years 1 to 8 (aged 5 to 12 years): Some primary schools may admit students only at Years 4 or 5 to Year 8.

ACG Strathallan

ACG Strathallan Overview
ACG Strathallan is a leading, modern school that provides high quality school education from the pre-school years up to senior high. Highly qualified staff provide students with individual attention, critical thinking is encouraged...

Aquinas College

Aquinas College
Aquinas College Overview
Aquinas College is an Integrated State Catholic College located on the Western Bay of Plenty, about two and a half hours south east of Auckland. It caters for Years 7 –13 and aims to encourage excellence, i...

Burnside High School

Burnside High School Overview
On of New Zealand’s largest secondary schools, Burnside High is well-placed to offer a large range of specialty subjects along within its overall curriculum. The school’s ethos is one of excellence, individual care for...

Mountainview High School

Mountainview High School Overview
Mountainview caters for Years 9-13 and offers ahigh quality education in a supportive environment that encourages students to achieve academic and personal excellence. The school offers students a wide range of options...

Cashmere High School

Cashmere High School Overview
Cashmere High School provides a varied, world class high school education for its students in an environment where individual care is paramount. Students are encouraged to excel, supported in their academic work and inspired...

Henderson High School

Henderson High School Overview
Our Facilities

Small, friendly school 20 minutes from Auckland City
Spacious park-like grounds nestled in the Waitakere ranges
Emphasis on excellence in academic, sporting and cultural achievement

Kerikeri High School

Kerikeri High School Overview
Kerikeri is a state high school catering to Years 7-13 and aims to develop its students into responsible citizens who are capable academically, in sporting and cultural activities, and in community affairs.
The school...

William Colenso College

William Colenso College Overview
William Colenso College values excellence in academic, personal and social development. It aims to assist students to develop the skills and attitudes that lead to success in study and life, with well-rounded character...

Tauranga Boy’s College

Tauranga Boy’s College Overview
Tauranga Boy’s College is known for its pursuit of excellence, its supportive environment and its traditional values in fostering the growth of boys into fine, upstanding men. Students are valued as the reason for the...

Takapuna Grammar School

Takapuna Grammar School Overview
Takapuna Grammar School is known for the academic achievements of its students, as well as its performance in the areas of sport and culture. Personal excellence and quality academic achievement form key elements of...

St John’s College

St John’s College Overview
St John’s was founded by the Marist Order in 1961 as a boy’s high school for Years 9-13, offering excellence in academic studies and personal growth and development to its students.
It is a relatively small college so it...

Otumoetai College

Otumoetai College Overview
Otumoetai College is a state-run coed secondary school that enrols students for Years 9-13. It’s mission is to encourage excellence in independent study and promote the wellbeing of students within the college community.


New Zealand Schools

New Zealand Schools FAQ
How can I enrol?
Request an enrolment form to be sent by email. Print and fill the enrolment form in and return it by post, fax or email attachment.
Do I need a visa?
If you want to study for...

About us

New Zealand Education Agent

Education Consultation
AA Education is a Network which prides itself on its knowledge of all Educational avenues available in New Zealand for International Students. With extensive information on Secondary Schools,...

School Application

New Zealand School Application

Please be aware that schools in New Zealand charge tuition fees of around AU$5000 per term (1/2 year). To find a school and learn more, just contact our student service.
Our service is free of charge and we usually...

Student Services is an international agency designed to support students wishing to come and study at schools in New Zealand. We wish to promote the invaluable education gained from stepping outside of your comfort zone and meeting new people...


Live in New Zealand

Life as a student in New Zealand
As a school student, your day will probably begin around 7am for breakfast, like most New Zealanders on week days. Then the school starts at around 8:30 am, has a lunch break in the middle of...


We provide you with information about the New Zealand education system and its  institutions which offer a wide range of courses and qualifications.

New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education. Our educational ...

School System

New Zealand School System
The New Zealand School System
Schooling in New Zealand starts at the age of 5. New Zealand children spend the first six years studying at the primary level and when they reach the age of eleven, they either pursue two more...

School System - Testimonial

Anja H., Germany
For better understanding it’s important to know that more than 80 percent of New Zealand’s population are Britons or Europeans. So it’s not bizarre that the New Zealand school system is similar to the British ones. We all know that ...

Examinations & Assessment in Secondary Cchools

Examinations & Assessment in New Zealand Secondary Schools

Currently, New Zealand secondary school students study for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). This qualification replaced the old School Certificate in 2002.


New Zealand Homestay

Many New Zealand high schools and other education institutes offer a Home Stay program for their international students.
Home Stay is where a student is place in the home and care of a New Zealand government approved family....

Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa

Generally there are two kinds of primary and secondary schools in New Zealand that can offer places to international students. These are the state or integrated schools funded and accredited by the Government to enrol full-fee...


New Zealand Sightseeing

Sightseeing in New Zealand
New Zealand sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and the landscape is one of contrasts – the South Island was formed largely by glaciers while the North Island is alive with volcanic activity. There a...

Why New Zealand

New Zealand education system

The land of the long white cloud has found itself catering to an overwhelming influx of international students, intent on scouring the corners of the globe in search of themselves whilst maintaining focus on their...


Learn in New Zealand
Computer-Aided Learning can Enhance Wider Knowledge and Interactions among High School Students
Computer-aided learning or commonly known as blended learning started sometime around the beginning of the 20th century in New Zealand....

New Zealand

Facts about New Zealand


New Zealand has a population of 4.028 million, and a land area of 268,680 square kilometres. The highest point is Mount Cook or Mount Aoraki which is 3754 metres above sea level.

The official languages of New Zealand...


Climate in New Zealand

When you think of New Zealand you usually think of beautiful Alpine Mountains and fantastic snow fields. While this may be true for New Zealands South Island during the winter months these being June, July and August. The...

Life in New Zealand

New Zealand consists of it's two main islands the north island and the south island. New Zealand is a smaller country with just over four million people calling it home. Which is a great thing giving you more time to enjoy everything New Zealand has...

New Zealand Video



When one thinks of New Zealand, they think of Mountain Ranges, Spectacular Beaches, Rugby and Bungi Jumping. New Zealand does also have some exciting and trendy cities. These cities are full of history, beauty, culture, entertainment and many shops.




Auckland is New Zealands largest cities, located on the North Island of New Zealand and on the north east coast of the island. Home to some amazing beaches, mountains and scenery. 1,313,900 people call Auckland home. The Maori's first...


Christchurch is New Zealands second largest city, home to 382,200 people. Located on the South Island of New Zealand, towards the western side of the island. Christchurch is better known for it's amazing snow fields during winter and being a boutique...


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, located on the south side of New Zealands north island. Interestingly Wellington is only the third largest city in New Zealand. Known to New Zealanders as the 'Capital of Cool'. Wellington isn't just a big...


New Zealand is located in the South Pacific and given the fact that it is made up of two main islands (the North and South Islands) and many smaller ones, it is safe to say that the sights to be seen are many and varied.

The North Island is the...

National Parks

New Zealand’s has fourteen stunning national parks that encompass a variety of landscapes, wildlife and vegetation.  From the sparkling beaches of the Tasman, to the snow capped peaks of Arthur’s Pass, to the raging Wanganui River, national parks were...


New Zealand Weather

Aotearoa… The Land of the Long White Cloud… New Zealand.
Located in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons in New Zealand oppose those in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer months are from December until February, the autumn mon...

New Zealand Cities

New Zealands Main Cities

New Zealand is a country full of history and beauty, with history even as it seems within the controversy of what a city actually was. Before 1989 the term city took on two meanings. Before this time a borough council...


Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand, it is situated on the South Island and boasts its Alpine region, beautiful beaches and relaxing countryside.
Better known as 'the garden city', 382,200 people call this city home.

A boutique...


Auckland is ideally situated on the North Island right on the coast, this is how it has earned its name 'the city of sails'. Auckland is also New Zealands largest city with 1,313,900 people calling it home. It is placed between the waters of Waitemata...


Otago in New Zealand

Otago is located on the south east coast of New Zealands South Island. It is becoming an increasingly popular holiday spot, due to its many tourist destinations. Involved in Eco Tourism as well as having its own popular sight...


Life in New Zealand

Popular for its low crime rates (the police don’t even need to carry guns); New Zealand has got to be one of the safest places in the world to live. It is a democratic country run on the Westminster parliamentary system.
New Z...



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About us

College New Zealand
Welcome on College New Zealand!
International students are invited to study at one of the Colleges in New Zealand. Colleges in New Zealand offer world-class education in courses at all levels - from tertiary students to industry...

College Application

New Zealand College Application
Important Information: Colleges in New Zealand are charged with tuition fees of around NZ$7000 - 12.000 per Semester.
Please contact our student service to find out more, or apply. Our service is free of charge.

Colleges in New Zealand

College New Zealand - Information for international students

You are invited to study at one of the Colleges in New Zealand. Colleges in New Zealand offers world-class education such as hospitality and tourism courses at all levels - from tertiary...

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand’s education system is classified as followed:
New Zealand Universities : all are research-based and state-owned. The certificate-to-doctorate courses are provided in the academic year running from March to November academic year. Some m...

High School

New Zealand High School

New Zealand High Schools rank among the top nations in terms of education in the western sphere.
This includes literacy and numeracy - the building blocks of an information society.
The education system is thus geared...


New Zealand College

New Zealand College Advice and Assistance
NZ international students benefit from advice and counselling from day 1 of their enrolment. They are afforded guidance and counselling on their study options and career pathways as...

Why New Zealand

College in New Zealand - Information for international students and parents!

New Zealand is famous for beautiful scenery, friendly people, Adventure Tourism and clean modern cities. Our colleges in New Zealand offer courses all kind...

Education in New Zealand

The reason is not far-fetched from the fact that New Zealand has had an international reputation as a provider of quality education for quite some time now. It is an attractive destination for international students because the education system is...

Education System

Education System New Zealand
Code of Practice and Pastoral Care for International Students
The Code of Practice for overseas students was issued to ensure that international students are treated in a safe and ethical manner while studying in New...

Academic Year New Zealand

Academic Year for Secondary Schools and Universities
Secondary schooling
In New Zealand, secondary schools (known as either high schools or colleges) have 4 terms in a year, each of them being 10 weeks long. They start in February and end in mid-December....

Vocational Training

Vocational Training - New Zealand College
Polytechnics & Institutes of Technology
Colleges in New Zealand have an international focus within their courses and activities. An New Zealand college offers internationally recognized degrees.

Working in New Zealand

Students who are planning on studying in New Zealand for longer than three months need to apply for a student visa or permit. If your considered course is three months or shorter, you will only need to apply for a visitor’s permit.
Before applying f...

Study in NZ

Study in New Zealand

Discover why New Zealand is a great place to live, work, study or start a business.
New Zealand is a country where students can live and study in a safe and beautiful destination. New Zealand's famous natural beauty and the...

Student Visa

New Zealand offers world class Educational institutions.
Both Higher Education and Secondary School level Institute are acknowledged as some of the best in the world. With large campuses, fantastic facilities and qualified and professional teachers....

Work in New Zealand

A requirement needed, before entering New Zealand for educational purposes, is a student visa or permit. The approved visa grants access for the student to enter the country, enrol and study at an approved educational facility.
Note: If you’re enrolled i...
College NZ Application

College NZ Application

College in New Zealand - Application
Important information: Colleges in New Zealand charge monthly fees of NZ$ 8000 - 16.000 per semester (half a year).
International students have to keep in mind that living costs for accomodation food and free...

Student Visa

Student Visa New Zealand
An international student seeking to study in New Zealand is required to undergo the following application procedure in order to be considered. Firstly, the prospective student must apply to a preferred education provider that...


Education in New Zealand
International students will receive quality education which is well-recognised and respected internationally. International students will benefit from the education system that offers a high standard of living and tuition costs...

Academic Year

Academic Year New Zealand
The Academic Year in New Zealand for Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities

Secondary schools
In New Zealand, secondary schools (known as either high schools or colleges) have 4 terms in a year, each of them being...

Working in NZ

Working in New Zealand
International students who are planning on travelling to New Zealand to study must apply for a student visa or permit. Unless the course of study lasts for three months or less, then students will only need to apply for a visitor’s p...

New Zealand

New Zealand: a place to stay and study
From rolling green farmland to majestic snow-covered mountains, with numerous rare species of flora and fauna and a mild climate: is the offer too enticing?
Yes, it is. The over four million New Zealanders are...


New Zealand Sightseeing
New Zealand is a land of dramatic contrasts. With snow-capped mountain ranges, golden beaches, lush rainforests, cosmopolitan cities, quaint villages and a fascinating indigenous culture, New Zealand has something to offer for...

NZ Weather

New Zealand Weather
When heading in the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, it’s a good idea to pack for variable weather conditions as the sky here is infamously unpredictable. Bring plenty of layers, waterproof gear and sun protection and you won’t be caug...


New Zealand Cities

Major Cities in New Zealand
Like Australia, New Zealand is also an island country. It is located 2000 kilometers south east of Australia and is comprised of two land masses commonly known as the North Island and the South Island....


Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island and is the second most populated after Auckland. It is a popular destination, especially during the winter as unlike the two other major cities in New Zealand, Auckland...


Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is the largest and most populated city; it has almost 1.4 million people. The city also has the largest Polynesian population in the world.  It is also commonly referred to as 'The City of Sails' due to all the...


Wellington New Zealand

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington; it is the third most populated city and is located on the North Island. The climate in Wellington is generally moderate throughout the year, with the average high temperature around...


Weather in New Zealand

New Zealand is recognised for its natural beauty, with many tourists assuming that New Zealand is a cold place. Seeing many photos of beautiful snow covered mountains this is no surprise.
Located in the Southern Hemisphere,...


New Zealand Places
Queenstown New Zealand
Picturesque Queenstown is one of pristine towns in New Zealand where hundreds of tourists throng each year to take part in skiing activities and mountaineering. The town in the South Island is flanked by Lake...

New Zealand Weather

New Zealand Weather and Climate
In New Zealand, weather and climate is heavily influenced by proximity to the sea, the topography (namely the Southern Alps) and the unique latitude zone it lies in (I.e. between 37 and 47 degrees south of the Tropic...


New Zealand University
Welcome on! We help international students to apply successful at New Zealand universities. Our registered university agents provide free application counselling!

For further information, please contact...

About us

Normally, such a move would involve hours of filling out paperwork and wading through confusing legal documents.  But if you deal with AA Education Network, you don’t need to worry about any of that.

AA Education Network is an independent agency th...

University Application

Important : New Zealand Universities cost around NZ$ 8000 - 14.000 per semester for international students. Living expenses such as rent and food are around NZ$ 350 per week.

For further information or application, please contact our free student services...


University in New Zealand - Application Procedure

The basic level of admission is the same across the New Zealand university system. However, individual universities may require higher standards for admission to courses which are in high demand.



Work in New Zealand

Looking for work in New Zealand?
Enhancements to immigration policy will make it easier for international students to work and study in New Zealand.
The changes, will give more opportunities for international students to...

University Terms

New Zealand University Terms
University terminology can be confusing. We have included a selection of university terms that may be helpful, especially if you are a new students.
The academic award conferred by the university on the successful...


English in New Zealand
Entry and language requirements
Tertiary entry requirements
The criteria may vary in relation to entry to tertiary study, this depends on the institution that has been chosen by the student. In most respects or cases where...

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation New Zealand
Finding Accommodation in New Zealand
Before you organise accommodation, you should first consider your budget and your needs.  What can you afford?  Do you want to live with people?  Do you want to...


New Zealand Fees

New Zealand Fees
While universities fees may seem high to a student, New Zealand’s fees are quite low in comparison to other countries, and the quality of New Zealand tertiary institutes makes the fees worthwhile.
You will n...


New Zealand Flights
Air travel to New Zealand
Getting to New Zealand is easy with a number of major airlines making direct flights to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and other destinations in the ‘land of the long white cloud’. The very reputable Air...


Education in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a wide range of educational opportunities, from secondary schools to a variety of courses offered at tertiary institutions, for international students who are considering on studying there.
New Zealand...

Pastoral care & the code of practice

Studying in New Zealand
Pastoral care & the code of practice
While you are studying in New Zealand the Government wants you to be well informed and prepared with proper care and organisational structure provided for you. Where you can build...

Academic Year

Academic Year New Zealand
Each University provides quality service and support to its students through the efforts of range of departments and providing information for visitors including governance and management, organisational structure...

International Student Qualification

New Zealand qualifications for international students

Are New Zealand qualifications renowned for their quality?
International students intending to study in New Zealand will be pleased to know that the quality and standard of New Zealand education...

Tertiary Education Sector

New Zealand Tertiary Education sector

The New Zealand tertiary education sector includes private education and training providers, polytechnics & institutes of technology, wanaga (Maori learning centres), colleges of education, universities and...

Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand is a beautiful country that welcomes visitors from abroad with open arms, including those who wish to take advantage of its high standard of education and training.
If you would like to study a short course...


New Zealand University - Information for international students

New Zealand Universities have a diverse international community from all around the world - from over 80 different countries! We are delighted that you are considering studying at...

University of Auckland

Why choose the University of Auckland?

Established in1883 the University of Auckland is ranked in the top 1% of the worlds Universities. Now made up of eight faculties over six campuses The University of Auckland offers a full range of remarkable...

Auckland - Study in Auckland

Auckland welcomes international students

The city of Auckland welcomed more than 1000 new international students today with a powhiri and kapa haka during a civic ceremony held at Auckland's Town Hall. The students will be studying within the...

Auckland University of Technology

Established in 1895 The Auckland University of Technology is the newest university in New Zealand. It was formed in 2000 when the university was granted status.

Students: 22,000 students (2006). Approximately 2,980 international students

New Zealand tertiary providers win multi-million dollar Middle East contract

New Zealand tertiary providers win multi-million dollar Middle East contract

On Monday 29th May the New Zealand Tertiary Education Consortium (NZTEC) and the Omani Minister of Higher Education, Dr Rawya Saud Al Busaidi, signed a major educational...

AUT University - Business School building in Auckland

Cutting edge technology gains architecture award

AUT University's Business School building in Auckland has won one of the New Zealand Institute of Architects' 2006 Supreme Awards for Architecture.

Architects Jasmax created the award-winning building...

AUT - Biotechnology Research Institute

New deal hopes to increase IVF success 
Couples having fertility treatment may in the near future benefit from a technology developed by biotechnology company KODE Biotech Limited, an AUT University partner institution.

KODE Biotech signed an agreement ...

AUT Bachelor of Dance students have begun studying towards RAD Registered Teacher Status - an internationally recognised qualification

Global status for RAD dancers
AUT Bachelor of Dance students have begun studying towards RAD Registered Teacher Status - an internationally recognised qualification

Natalie Newman, Victoria McGregor and Ruth Wall (pictured right) were among the dance...

AUT lecturer - Texting boosts student study

Texting boosts student study
A mobile texting platform designed by an AUT lecturer is delivering course content into the hands of tertiary students

A mobile texting platform designed by an AUT University lecturer is delivering course content and...

Auckland University of Technology - AUT - TOEIC Testing Centre

AUT International House TOEIC Testing Centre
We are very pleased to announce that AUT International House is now a TOEIC testing centre and offers TOEIC examination preparation courses. Students of mid intermediate level and above who are enrolled in...

Auckland University of Technology - AUT student - Auckland White Pages winner

A Auckland University of Technology student, Jenny Jeffries, has won the right to have her work published on more than 750,000 phone directories across the whole of Auckland. Ms Jeffries was instrumental in designing the cover of this year's Auckland...

Auckland - AUT Institute of Public Policy

The AUT's Institute of Public Policy (IPP), a prominent think tank, have joined forces to form the Metro Project Group.

The IPP has partnered with the Auckland regional council and the Committee for Auckland to develop an action plan for shaping the...

Master of Design and a Doctorate of Design

AUT University is launching a new one-year professional Master of Design and a Doctorate of Design
A new one-year professional Master of Design programme being launched in July will bring the number of postgraduate programmes on offer at AUT University’s S...

Earth and Oceanic Sciences Research Institute (EOS)

Tracked turtle returns
An AUT PhD student has discovered a small population of green sea turtles in New Zealand waters.

A turtle being tracked as part of PhD student Dan Godoy’s research has made a 500km journey to return to where he spent the b...

NZ Govt to Reform Tertiary Funding

The government has decided to step in and prevent universities and colleges from cramming in students into tiny lecture halls by offering them incentives to improve the quality of their course delivery.

The government has decided to that it is time...

University of Waikato

The University of Waikato


Hamilton's University of Waikato was established in 1964 and is based over 0.67 km² (170 acres) of landscaped park-like foundation, this includes large sporting and entertaining areas surrounding three ornamental ...

University of Waikato Overview


“There is no stopping you” - its motto sums up what the University of Waikato is all about. The institution places a strong emphasis on providing its students with a comprehensive education meeting the highest standards of todays employment mar...

University of Waikato Courses


There are a number of courses on offer at the University of Waikato. Here are the main program areas:

Art & Social Sciences
Science & Engeneering
Computing & Mathematical Sciences

University of Waikato Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

These vary depending on the course chosen and, with international students, the country of origin. German applicants for instance have to have successfully passed their Abitur or Allgemeine Fachhochschulreife. Plese contact one...

Waikato University - Education Minister, Hon. Steve Maharey, and Minister of Maori Affairs, Hon. Parekura Horomia, visited Waikato University

Ministerial visit discusses Maori education and research at Waikato University 1 June 2006
Education Minister, Hon. Steve Maharey, and Minister of Maori Affairs, Hon. Parekura Horomia, visited Waikato University yesterday (Wednesday 31 May) to learn...

Waikato University - Waikato software finalist in Stockholm Challenge

The New Zealand Digital Library Group at Waikato University has scored its' way into the final of the 2006 Stockholm Challenge with its' innovative Greenstone digital library software.

Amazingly, the softwate has been selected from 1,100 entries filed...

University of Waikato researchers - Waikato research has international impact

Waikato research has international impact
University of Waikato researchers have been invited to participate in a prestigious international research meeting from April 7-11 in San Francisco.

The annual American Educational Research Association (AERA)...

University of Waikato and Environment Waikato

Swamp Message Fuels Festival
The University of Waikato and Environment Waikato are working together to bring an innovative theatrical production designed to promote the conservation of Waikato wetlands to local audiences.

Environment Waikato regional...

Victoria University of Wellington


Victoria University of Wellington take pride in its 100 year old history and tradition of strong international links, teaching, research and programmes that are of national significance and of recognised quality internationally. The university...

Flights to New Zealand

Air Travel to New Zealand
Ki Ora from New Zealand.  If you’re reading this, you’ve accepted an offer to study at one of our beautiful universities, or are considering applying for a place.  Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice!  Now t...

Universities in New Zealand

Our team provides free advice, help with selecting university courses, enrollment forms and support services. WE ARE FREE OF CHARGE!

Register now to secure a place in one of our popular university programs!


University in New Zealand

Higher Education
Higher, or Degree-level Education is mainly offered at a university in New Zealand, but some degree programmes are also available at institutes of technology, polytechnics, wananga and colleges of education, and at some private training...
Study Abroad

Study Abroad

University in New Zealand - Study Abroad

New Zealand's eight universities are part of the international university community. Degree programmes from New Zealand universities are recognised internationally by all leading universities. Within the scope...

University in New Zealand

New Zealand… It is a beautiful country in the Southern Hempisphere with a low cost of living and for University students – low fees and a plethora of advantages! ... more

Degree Program

A degree is an advanced tertiary qualification awarded after the satisfactory completion of an advanced study program.

The program is taught by academics with a strong research background and some subjects may have a strong research component. Study...

Study Abroad New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand offer an outstanding study abroad experience.

The flexibility of the New Zealand university system givesyou a great selection of courses and subjects, as well as the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into the Kiwi...

University Application

Our student service is free of charge and you can reach us 24/7 per email.

Study fees in New Zealand are around NZ$8000 - 12000 per Semester.
Living costs are around NZ$300 per week.
Ask us for more information.


University Courses

Foundation programmes and language courses

programmes to help you gain an entry qualification to university if you do not have a strong academic background,
preparation courses to help you gain confidence and skills
complete an English language...

Study Abroad New Zealand

Study Abroad in New Zealand

There are many study abroad programmes in New Zealand. Becoming increasingly popular due to the growing interest in New Zealand as a country, this country is known for it's spectacular beauty and interesting indigenous...

Postgraduate New Zealand

Postgraduate Study in New Zealand

Postgraduate study in New Zealand is run through a University. Generally Postgraduate courses are a one year long course which consists of further study after successfully completing a Bachelor Degree. It will enhance...


Undergraduate Study in New Zealand

Possibly the most popular form of tertiary study in New Zealand. An Undergraduate course is provided by all Universities as well as many specialist private education providers. In New Zealand Undergraduate Study is...


New Zealand Foundation Programmes

Many New Zealand Universities and other Higher Education providers offer a course called a Foundation Programme. A Foundation Programme is a one year course designed for students who do not speak English as a first...


New Zealand Language Courses

English Language schools in New Zealand are run through private college's. These colleges are in every city throughout the country. As English is the native language in New Zealand it is a great idea to learn some of it....

State Funded Universities

State Funded Universities

Universities New Zealand State Funded

State-Funded Universities in New Zealand
There are eight state-funded universities in New Zealand and they are partners in the international community as far as learning and research is concerned.

Universities in New Zealand - Where can I study

The quality of a New Zealand university education is well recognised internationally. Many New Zealand graduates are awarded prestigious prizes and scholarships for further study in countries other than New Zealand. The living costs and cost of university...

Waikato University

Why Waikato University?

Waikato University is the largest in New Zealand and, with its leafy grounds and beautiful lakes, could easily be the most beautiful. But it’s more than just a pretty face – a 2006 Tertiary Education Commission research stu...

University of Auckland

Why Auckland?

Auckland is the largest and most populous urban area in New Zealand.  As a thriving metropolitan city, you can expect a wide variety of restaurants, bars, art galleries, museums, theatres and sporting facilities.  But Auckland i...

Auckland University of Technology

Why Auckland?

Auckland is commonly mistaken for New Zealand’s capital city*, as it is the nation’s biggest and most populous city. With a large multicultural population (and the largest Polynesian population in the southern hemisphere), it is ...

Victoria University of Wellington

Why Wellington?

Wellington, the world’s southernmost capital city, ranked 12th in a 2009 survey of the quality of life in 215 major cities around the world.  It was almost named one of the cheapest cities to live in, making it a haven for students.

New Ze...

International Students in New Zealand

Student Support

There are many highly qualified and experienced staff providing support for all students studying at Victoria.

The Victoria International (VI) Services Team helps with student visas, insurance and general student advice. The VI...

New Zealand Student Accommodation

Staying in a Hall of Residence is an excellent way to get to know Wellington. Most halls arrange a week of orientation to the hall, Victoria University and the city and all provide a friendly, helpful place to live throughout the year.

They offer the...

Life in New Zealand

LIVING COSTS: Living costs depend on where and how you choose to live. The average weekly cost of a Hall of Residence is between NZ$180 and NZ$300 and it may include up to three daily meals, internet, electricity and local phone costs.

Rent for flatting...

New Zealand

New Zealand

Not only is New Zealand a country of extraordinary natural beauty and rich urban space, it also has a history of pioneering thought. It has reached the peak of world achievement in sport, science, politics and the arts.

Diversity of thinking, enterprise...


The political and cultural heartbeat of New Zealand

International students are warmly welcomed to New Zealand’s capital city: multi-cultural and well connected, full of bright, open-minded people. It is ideal for students who may have limited E...

Wellington Festivals

Below is a selection of some of the most popular events and festivals that may be on during your time at Victoria University of Wellington.

Cuba Street Carnival: This biennial, two-day event includes town music and entertainment stages, street...

Victoria University NZ Testimonials

From: Easter Island, Chile
Interests: Tennis, waterpolo, music
Studying: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Pacific Studies

New Zealand is a peaceful country with a high-level educational standard and
lovely, friendly people.

I came to Victoria...

Study in Wellington - Victoria University International Programmes

Victoria offers international programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in cooperation with partner institutions throughout the world.

Victoria’s international programmes support a wide range of different opportunities for both staff a...

Victoria University Research

Victoria University of Wellington-Where exceptional scholarship and original thought connect.

Victoria is known for its internationally significant research. The University is New Zealand’s leading research and development centre in many key international g...

Victoria University Degrees

Victoria’s seven Faculties – Architecture and Design, Commerce and Administration, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, and Science – offer internationally-recognised undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and doctoral study in a ...

Victoria University Graduates

A degree from Victoria University emphasises that scholarship continues well beyond university. Students acquire skills that give them the confidence to turn their scholarship into a career.

Victoria graduates consistently enjoy one of the highest...

Phd in New Zealand

Victoria PhD Scholarship: These scholarships have an annual stipend for living costs of NZ$21,000 plus tuition fees for up to three years. Approximately 75 full scholarships are available each year over three rounds.

Closing dates for PhD funding...

Study Abroad

Many international students choose to study for a term shorter than a full degree programme, as part of a study abroad or exchange programme.

STUDY ABROAD: Study Abroad students study at Victoria University for one or two trimesters and can have...

English in Wellington

The English Language Institute offers 12-week, full-time English Proficiency courses to help students develop their English language skills and language learning strategies.

The Institute’s highly qualified staff have had professional experience i...

Architecture Studies

Victoria’s Faculty of Architecture and Design occupies a central city location that offers world-class exhibition spaces, lecture theatres, workshops, computer labs and design studios.

Our location means we are able to easily engage working practitioners i...

Commerce and Administration Studies

Faculty of Commerce and Administration
Pipitea and Kelburn Campuses
School of Accounting and Commercial Law
School of Economics and Finance
School of Government
School of Information Management
School of Marketing and International...

Education Studies

The creation of a knowledge-rich society and economy: this is the vision of Victoria’s Faculty of Education.

The very best teachers understand that every stage of a child’s development is of equal importance for the formation of knowledge and all are...

Engineering Studies

Faculty of Engineering
Kelburn Campus

School of Engineering and Computer Science

The new School of Engineering and Computer Science teaches the four specialisations of the Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and the Computer Science major...

Humanities and Social Science Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Kelburn Campus
School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies
School of English, Film, Theatre, and Media Studies
Graduate School of Nursing and Midwifery
School of History, Philosophy,...

Law Studies

Victoria is home to one of New Zealand’s oldest and most respected Law Schools, a stimulating centre for study that draws particular focus from its proximity to government and the courts. Housed in the historic Government Buildings of inner-city Wellington, a...

Science Studies

Schools of Science
Kelburn Campus
Biological Sciences
Chemical and Physical Sciences
Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences
Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research

The unknown is infinite. Victoria’s F...

Victoria University Degrees

FIRST DEGREES: First degrees are also called undergraduate degrees, or Bachelor degrees.  The degree is awarded when a certain programme of university study is complete.

Most first degrees take three years to complete and require at least one subject ...

Studying in New Zealand - Victoria International Leadership Programme

The Victoria International Leadership Programme (VILP) is an extra-curricular opportunity for students to enhance their global competency, intercultural awareness and leadership potential while studying for a degree at Victoria.

The first of its kind...



Internship in New Zealand - Applications
Students completing their university education take up internship programs to get a hands-on experience in various industrial projects. The interns not only learn but also enjoy adventure sports or outings during...

New Zealand

New Zealand – The Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand is a place of adventure and invention and is home to a race of warm, friendly people who exhibit a modest spirit of independence and resourcefulness. New Zealanders (also known as Kiwi’s, in ...


New Zealand Education

New Zealand Education guide - New Zealand education advice for international students.
New Zealand education agents advice international students for free about how to

enroll at accredited education providers...

Education System

New Zealand’s academic model was developed after the British system, meaning that qualifications earned in a New Zealand educational institute, at any level, can generally be used around the world.

Secondary schooling takes place between the ages o...

Ministry of Education


Ministry of Education New Zealand - The Code of Practice

The New Zealand Ministry of Education has promoted a "code of practice" for international students that aims to safeguard the welfare and interests of international students wishing...

Qualification Authority

New Zealand Qualification Authority
At language school, international schools, such as English schools, New Zealand students can take the TOEFL, IELTS or alternatively business and professional courses.
The New Zealand Certificate of Educational Achievement...

New Zealand Education - International Accreditation


New Zealand Education - International Accreditation

New Zealand education is recognised internationally and the fact that New Zealand offers instruction in the English language practically means that you can just about study in any country...

Qualifications & Exams

Qualifications and Exams

New Zealand being a part of the Commonwealth, means their education system is based on that of Britains. Qualifications achieved here are world recognised. Successful completion of your course is assessed on work submitted...

Examination Procedures

Examination Procedures


The standards for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) are determined jointly by external examinations and all-year round internal assessments. The external examinations are administered...

College and University in New Zealand

New Zealand Education System and Qualifications

New Zealand is an English speaking country, studying in this country one will find they will be learning in a primarily English learning environment. Classes will consist mainly of other New Zealanders....


Why Study At Polytechnic or Wãnaga?

If you have plans to study and are thinking of the benefits that studying brings to your life, then you should read this article for you to find out some of the reasons and discover how you can change your life ...

Education Agent

New Zealand English Language schools/Education in New Zealand Study in New Zealand

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The AA Network's clients include travellers, working holiday travellers, prospective international students, job seekers, immigrants and internship applicants.

The Network provides a wide range of services to institutions such as English...

Education Service - Institutions

New Zealand Education Service for Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities

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New Zealand Language

New Zealand Language - National identity and language

Bi-culturalism is an integral part of New Zealand life as a means of realising the aims set out in the Treaty of Waitangi that was signed in 1840. The other major influences are the Asian and...

Working in New Zealand

New Zealand Offers a Remarkable Scope to International Students to Work and Gain Valuable Experience and Money.

Each year thousands of international students studying in New Zealand arrive on an appropriate New Zealand visa with the idea to focus...

Working on a student visa in New Zealand

When can International Student Undertake Work Assignments?
While Pursuing Studies
International students can work when they are either studying, take up New Zealand internships or when they have completed their studies and gather a good work experience....


Live in New Zealand

New Zealand… It is a beautiful country in the Southern Hempisphere with a low cost of living and for University students – low fees and a plethora of advantages!
For international students the benefits of studying in New Zea...


Whether you’d prefer a relaxed, outdoor concert, or would like to try bungee jumping over the Waikato River, New Zealand has a huge range of things to do that will suit all tastes.

Due to the temperate weather and gorgeous natural environment, many r...

New Zealand Climate

Climate and Clothing
New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, so summer runs from December till February (Christmas Day is often the hottest day of a New Zealand summer), while the winter months are June till August. New Zealand enjoys a mostly temperate...


New Zealanders, or Kiwi’s as they are sometimes colloquially referred to (a reference to their famous native kiwi bird) are warm, generous people who are famous for their hospitality.  They are friendly and informal, and use first names in nearly al...


Accommodation in New Zealand

Now, you have decided to come and study in New Zealand. Your visa has been approved, and the next thing you should be worried is how you can get a suitable accommodation while studying in New Zealand. There are a few...


New Zealand Bank Accounts
If you’re planning on living in New Zealand for an extended period of time, a New Zealand bank account is a must have. A Kiwi bank account makes dealings and transactions considerably easier and if you are experiencing any p...



New Zealand offers all modern methods of communication.


Email is the cheapest way of keeping in touch with friends and family back home.  University accommodation is broadband ready, as are most residential rentals.  Y...

Currency and Banking

New Zealand currency is in dollars and cents and is often referred to as the Kiwi Dollar. Most banks offer conversion rates. Alternately, you can find reliable conversation charts on the web.
Visitors to New Zealand can bring in as much foreign currency...

Discover New Zealand

More about your opportunities in New Zealand and about our free student services in New Zealand, visit our Study in New Zealand Web site .



Auckland is the place to be with trendy shopping spots to the coastal experience in...


Travellers on a student visa who have a ‘variation of conditions’ clause may work for up to twenty hours during the academic calendar and full time (38 hours a week) during university holidays. You may have to pay a fee to apply for the variation of ...


Making friends in New Zealand

Once the initial excitement of being in a new country has worn off, you will probably start to experience feelings of homesickness, culture shock or just general loneliness.  This is a perfectly normal reaction that ...


Hours of Business and Holidays
A typical New Zealand working week runs from Monday to Friday. Some supermarkets and shopping centres are open on weekends, while businesses and offices generally stay closed.
You may hear someone use the term ‘working d...

Maori culture

New Zealand’s indigenous people are the Maori, a race descendent from Polynesia who has inhabited the country for an estimate 700 years.  New Zealand has a proud and prevalent indigenous culture that is evident in everyday life.  You may notice tha...



Popular media in New Zealand is a mix of international and local content.  International media avenues, such as magazines and television programmes, are generally more common than those produced and published in New Zealand, although local ...


A Brief Overview of the New Zealand Political System

To put it simply, New Zealand is a democratic nation. Policy making is determined by the nation’s Prime Minister and Cabinet, all of whom have been elected by the people of New Zealand. But New Z...


Paying Tax in New Zealand

If you are planning on living in New Zealand for any length of time, you may have to pay taxes. Failure to do so can result in large penalties.
If your stay is less than six months and you don’t earn any income during t...


Health Services

New Zealand has an excellent range of quality public and private health organisations but, in most cases, charge international students who access these services.  Health care can be expensive so be sure to organise comprehensive ...


New Zealand Food and Drink

New Zealand is a major producer of fresh food and their wines are internationally regarded. New Zealand food and drink is of a high quality and is easily affordable, especially when compared to other nations.

New Zealand’s l...


Ironically, New Zealand is a largely secular nation with many religious (especially Christian) influences in everyday life. According to the 2006 census, only 10% of the nation is actively Christian, but they celebrate all holidays on the Christian calendar,...


Life in New Zealand


Live in New Zealand

Live in New Zealand

Cultural and Social life in New Zealand

New Zealand is a diverse and multicultural country and has benefited from waves of migration over the last century. The locals are very friendly and hospitable to all newcomers to their...

Safety and Security

New Zealand - Safety and Security

New Zealand is a safe place in comparison to other countries. The crime rate is low and so are the cases of violent crime. Still it pays to take precautions.
International students may be particularly vulnerable...

Health Care


New Zealand Health Care

New Zealand has an efficient public health system. International students should note that health services come at a greater cost for international students.


In such situations, please dial "111"...



New Zealand Family Visits

While it is perfectly natural for family members wanting to visit their relatives studying overseas, the impact of such visits on international students adjusting to a new environment must also be considered.



New Zealand Clothing

Informal dress is the norm for most occasions in New Zealand. This is similar to fashion in most other western countries. New Zealand's ethnic minority have their own clothing preferences. There is a lot of tolerance for people...

Cities in New Zealand

Cities & Regions in New Zealand

New Zealand's towns and cities have a charm of their own.

For an interactive map, please click on .

The major cities include Auckland (the largest), Hamilton in...

Nature - Safety

Keeping safe outdoors

New Zealand is a reasonably safe place to visit and study in. But there are some risks that people who travel outdoors need to be aware of.
The New Zealand weather is unpredictable and so it is advisable to carry warm clothing...



Electricity New Zealand

The supply rate in New Zealand is 230/240 volts or 50 Hertz. Most hotels and motels have provisions for 110 volt AC sockets for electric razors. For all other electrical appliances, a adapter/converter is req...



New Zealand Climate

The New Zealand climate is temperate with mild winters and warm and dry summer spells. The weather is known to be unpredictable and so you might hear the locals mention something about "four seasons in a day ".



New Zealand Food

New Zealand is a leading producer of dairy and meat products.

Dining out suits all budgets and preferences

New Zealand imports wine and also produces it at home
New Zealand is renowned for its ethnic style cuisine...


Health New Zealand


The legal age for purchasing or consumption of alcohol in New Zealand is 18, You may be required to provide proof of age as evidence when buying alcohol. International students should note that the penalties are severe...


New Zealand Religion

New Zealand is a truly multicultural society and one which allows freedom of expression. New Zealand's diverse and rich cultural tapestry ensure that practically all the major religions of the world are represented in New...


New Zealand Entertainment, Sports & Recreation

Here are just some of the favourite pastimes of Kiwis and which may also appeal to international students:

Art galleries & museums
Cinemas, nightclubs and discos

National Holidays

New Zealand National Holidays

Schools, universities and colleges are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. The normal working week is Monday to Friday, usually from 8.30 to 5pm.

The school holiday period is from late-December to late January. There...


Law New Zealand

New Zealand's privacy laws ensure that your privacy is protected and no information is passed on to a third party without your expressed consent. Even your family does not have the right to be notified about your results by your educational...



New Zealand Government

Political System

New Zealand is a stable democracy. National elections are held every three years under a mixed proportional system.

The Parliament

The most prominent of all Parliament buildings is called...



New Zealand Police

NZ police have a reputation for being professional and free of corruption.

In case you are arrested, you have certain rights and have the right to legal recourse. For more information, please visit

News Media

New Zealand News Media

The media in New Zealand allows international visitors a fascinating opportunity to interact with a thriving and vibrant culture.

There are four free-to-air television stations plus the regional stations. The TV listings...


New Zealand Travel

You can dream of a comfortable New Zealand tour as the country has a efficient transport network.

Public Transport

Public transport services are not as extensive as some other countries but they are very efficient. Secondary...

Travel New Zealand: Travelling within New Zealand


Travel New Zealand - Travelling within New Zealand

Travelers can dream of a comfy New Zealand tour as the country is well serviced by an efficient public transport system and network.

You can book flights to New Zealand on the Internet...



New Zealand is a thrill-seeker's paradise and is perfect for visits all-year round.

For information about planning your next New Zealand travel , please visit



New Zealand Travel - Holidaying in New Zealand

New Zealand is THE destination for international students studying in New Zealand and tourists alike . The country offers access to pristine and beautiful landscapes that are suitable...


New Zealand Geography

Travellers on a New Zealand tour would find diverse landscape features and this is contained within a relatively small land area. New Zealand's landmass is roughly the same as the UK or Japan, the only difference being its...

Work Visa


New Zealand Work Visa - Student Employment

3-year degree students are allowed to work during the summer holidays and up to 15 hours during the academic year. You must apply to the New Zealand immigration service. A fee may be applicable...


Rotorua/ Te Rotorua-nui-a-Kahumatamomoe

Rotorua is situated in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island in the beautiful Bay of Plenty region. The city lies on the Rotorua Caldera and is noted for its geothermal activity in the form of geysers a...

Cost of Living

New Zealand had a relatively low cost of living, in comparison to other countries around the world. While there is no way to determine exactly how much you will need to live in New Zealand, the following provides a rough guide. Unless otherwise stated,...



Being situated in the southern hemisphere the climate is generally moderate all year round and rarely sees temperatures rise above 25C or fall below 4C with city average ranging 169 days of sunshine per year and January and February are...

North Island

Regions of the North Island

There are nine local government regions that cover the North Island and all its adjacent islands and territorial waters

Major Cities of South Island;

Bay of Plenty

South Island

There are seven local government regions covering the South Island and all its adjacent islands and territorial waters. Four are governed by an elected regional council while three are governed by territorial authorities. South Island is the larger Island...


New Zealand Cities

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city (bigger in size and population to its capital, Wellington) and is currently the nation’s fastest growing.  A progressively sophisticated dest...



Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city (bigger in size and population to its capital, Wellington) and is currently the nation’s fastest growing.  A progressively sophisticated destination, Auckland was classified as an...




The city of Hamilton has changed dramatically since its early days as a rural service station.  This energetic and exciting city is the second largest urban area in New Zealand’s North Island and, with a population of...



Dunedin is the second largest town in the South Island and has a population of 122 900, according to a June 2008 estimate.  As the home of New Zealand’s oldest and one of its most prestigious universities, the University of Ota...



Christchurch is New Zealand’s second largest urban area and is one of only eight pairs of cities that are exact antipodes – Christchurch’s antipode is A Coruna in Spain.  Christchurch also has the distinction of one of the ...


Wellington/Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara

Wellington is New Zealand’s political capital, and is also the most southern capital city in the world.  A 2009 research survey deemed that Wellington combines a high quality of life with a low cost of living.  The...



The beautiful resort town of Queenstown is located in the south west region of New Zealand’s South Island.  It is a popular tourist destination for skiers and thrill seekers, as well as travellers lured to the region by th...


New Zealand Study
Receive FREE New Zealand Study Advice: Please contact us via application form first and send us your New Zealand related questions to receive free services. An education agent & New Zealand Expert in your region will contact you...

Estudiar en Nueva Zelanda

Acerca de AA Education
Viajes, Vivienda, Trabajo y Educación
Los sitios web de educación en Australia y Nueva Zelanda son una puerta de información variada y pertinente acerca de todas las opciones, servicios y programas de educación en Australia y N...
Internship Nueva Zelanda

Internship Nueva Zelanda

¿Qué son los internships?

Son programas especializados que permiten a los estudiantes universitarios, que se encuentren cursando últimos semestres, la oportunidad de poder trabajar con una empresa Nueva Zelandesa, por un periodo aproximado entre 35...

Visa Nueva Zelanda

Visa Nueva Zelanda

Visa de Estudiantes en Nueva Zelanda

Para poder estudiar en Nueva Zelanda es necesario tener una visa o un permiso de estudio. Para obtener una visa o permiso se tienen que cumplir determinados requisitos y se debe tramitar a través del departamento ...


Contáctanos Nueva Zelanda

Si quieres ir a estudiar a Nueva Zelanda, un agente de AA Education te puede asistir en cada paso del proceso sin ningún costo. Por favor contáctanos por medio de esta aplicación y un agente te responderá en 24 horas.



About our business is an NZ education counselling service for international students who want to study in New Zealand. We do not charge for our services because we are funded by the NZ education providers.

Students can contact...

About us

International Education Consultant
Our education network provides free education counselling for students, including advice and support for applications to all levels of overseas education in New Zealand. A particular focus is on free application services...


Study in New Zealand FAQ
How much are the tuition fees in New Zealand?
Type of Tuition Fees ($NZ)

English Language Courses approximately NZ$320 - NZ$400 per week
Secondary School normal tuition fees are from NZ$8,000 - NZ$10,500 per year for...

New Zealand Education Agent

New Zealand Education Agents answer your questions
Please be aware that education in New Zealand is charged with different fees:

Universities are around NZ$8000- 14.000 per Semester
Colleges are around NZ$ 7000 - 12.000 per Semester

National Qualification Framework

New Zealand Education
National Qualifications Framework
The National Qualifications Framework is a system of national qualifications available through course work in schools, polytechnics, colleges of education and wananga and work-based training...


Study in New Zealand - Information
Help in German Language
Do you speak German? New Zealand Education Agents in your country can help you to proceed your application. Visit our new website for international students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland:...

Qualifications and Degrees

Study in New Zealand - Qualifications and Degrees

Study opportunities in New Zealand

Secondary school qualifications
The New Zealand secondary school certificate is called the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). It is...


New Zealand College Diploma
Level 5

This level requires specialist skills
A broad knowledge base is required

This level 5 requires a wide range of scholastic skills and technical aptitude. Procedures for level 5 may vary from...

College Certificate

New Zealand College Certificate
Level 1

This level involves repetitive tasks
Students are exposed to a narrow range of knowledge and there is no generation of new ideas
This is employed under close supervision

The process...

Bachelor Degree Graduate Diploma

New Zealand University Bachelor Degree/Graduate Diploma
Bachelor's degrees/graduate diplomas
Level 7

This level requires wide ranging highly specialised skills in more than one area
The student specialises in a particular discipline with...

Honours Bachelor Degree

New Zealand University Honours Bachelor Degree
Honours Bachelors degree - Level 8

This level requires advanced research skills
There is self-directed research activity with minimal supervision

Level 8 in New Zealand education involves...

Master Degree

New Zealand University Master Degree
Masters degree
Level 9

This level requires mastery over a subject area
There is a plan to carry out original scholarship or research project that meets international standard

This level 9 requires the...

Doctoral Degree

New Zealand University Doctoral Degree
Doctoral degree - Level 10
This level requires an original contribution to research or scholarship as judged by international standards.


Terms of Use and Privacy Policy - an free online portal on various opportunities to study in New Zealand is part of the AA Education Network (AA) that provides exact and up-to-date knowledge about studying...

Polytechnics/institutes of technology: Polytechnics/institutes of technology deliver technical, vocational and professional education and promote research.
Colleges of education: Colleges of education provide teacher education and research and provide associated social and educational service roles.
Universities: New Zealand Universities are very popular among international students.
Private training establishments Are private organisations providing education/training (ie they are not state owned).
Government training establishments Are state owned organisations providing education/training (for example, defence forces, Inland Revenue)
Wananga: Teaching and research institutions

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