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International Education Consultant

Our education network provides free education counselling for students, including advice and support for applications to all levels of overseas education in New Zealand. A particular focus is on free application services for Language Schools, High Schools, Universities, Polytechnics, Technical Schools and Institutes.

We'll answer all your questions about undergraduate, postgraduate studies (Master's level and Ph.D), English Language courses as well as on high school placement.

Our international education agency:

  1. offers support services for international students.
  2. organizes educational seminars and exhibitions for visiting universities and schools.
  3. publishes Study Abroad Guides for international students.
  4. offers a range of educational consultancy services to international and regional universities and colleges through its affiliated international academic and professional institutions.

We provide a link to the most advanced developments in higher education via affiliated university providers.

Every year our education network holds a pre-departure briefing to give students information about life in the New Zealand, travel plans, accommodation and generally what to expect during the time studying abroad.

Students will get an opportunity to ask questions about their upcoming experience and will also get a chance to meet other students who are going to study overseas.

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Study in New Zealand FAQ
How much are the tuition fees in New Zealand?
Type of Tuition Fees ($NZ)

English Language Courses approximately NZ$320 - NZ$400 per week
Secondary School normal tuition fees are from NZ$8,000 - NZ$10,500 per year for...

New Zealand Education Agent

New Zealand Education Agents answer your questions
Please be aware that education in New Zealand is charged with different fees:

Universities are around NZ$8000- 14.000 per Semester
Colleges are around NZ$ 7000 - 12.000 per Semester

National Qualification Framework

New Zealand Education
National Qualifications Framework
The National Qualifications Framework is a system of national qualifications available through course work in schools, polytechnics, colleges of education and wananga and work-based training...


Study in New Zealand - Information
Help in German Language
Do you speak German? New Zealand Education Agents in your country can help you to proceed your application. Visit our new website for international students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland:...

Qualifications and Degrees

Study in New Zealand - Qualifications and Degrees

Study opportunities in New Zealand

Secondary school qualifications
The New Zealand secondary school certificate is called the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). It is...


New Zealand College Diploma
Level 5

This level requires specialist skills
A broad knowledge base is required

This level 5 requires a wide range of scholastic skills and technical aptitude. Procedures for level 5 may vary from...

College Certificate

New Zealand College Certificate
Level 1

This level involves repetitive tasks
Students are exposed to a narrow range of knowledge and there is no generation of new ideas
This is employed under close supervision

The process...

Bachelor Degree Graduate Diploma

New Zealand University Bachelor Degree/Graduate Diploma
Bachelor's degrees/graduate diplomas
Level 7

This level requires wide ranging highly specialised skills in more than one area
The student specialises in a particular discipline with...

Honours Bachelor Degree

New Zealand University Honours Bachelor Degree
Honours Bachelors degree - Level 8

This level requires advanced research skills
There is self-directed research activity with minimal supervision

Level 8 in New Zealand education involves...

Master Degree

New Zealand University Master Degree
Masters degree
Level 9

This level requires mastery over a subject area
There is a plan to carry out original scholarship or research project that meets international standard

This level 9 requires the...

Doctoral Degree

New Zealand University Doctoral Degree
Doctoral degree - Level 10
This level requires an original contribution to research or scholarship as judged by international standards.


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Studyingnewzealand.com is part of the AA Education Network (AA) that provides exact and up-to-date knowledge about studying...

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