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Avantages of the education system in New Zealand for international students

New Zealand is an extraordinarily beautiful country to visit and study in.
It is renowned as one of the most scenic countries in the world with students from over fifty countries choosing New Zealand for their university degree programmes and English courses.

New Zealand Colleges provide:

  1. a wonderful natural environment for study and relaxation
  2. a safe learning environment
  3. excellent educational programmes
  4. support services for international students
  5. high quality qualifications

You can learn English in a language school, prepare for your post-graduate studies in New Zealand in one of our University in New Zealand. You can apply for courses in a polytechnic, an institute of technology or a college of education.

About us

College New Zealand
Welcome on College New Zealand!
International students are invited to study at one of the Colleges in New Zealand. Colleges in New Zealand offer world-class education in courses at all levels - from tertiary students to industry...

College Application

New Zealand College Application
Important Information: Colleges in New Zealand are charged with tuition fees of around NZ$7000 - 12.000 per Semester.
Please contact our student service to find out more, or apply. Our service is free of charge.

Colleges in New Zealand

College New Zealand - Information for international students

You are invited to study at one of the Colleges in New Zealand. Colleges in New Zealand offers world-class education such as hospitality and tourism courses at all levels - from tertiary...

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand’s education system is classified as followed:
New Zealand Universities : all are research-based and state-owned. The certificate-to-doctorate courses are provided in the academic year running from March to November academic year. Some m...

High School

New Zealand High School

New Zealand High Schools rank among the top nations in terms of education in the western sphere.
This includes literacy and numeracy - the building blocks of an information society.
The education system is thus geared...


New Zealand College

New Zealand College Advice and Assistance
NZ international students benefit from advice and counselling from day 1 of their enrolment. They are afforded guidance and counselling on their study options and career pathways as...

Why New Zealand

College in New Zealand - Information for international students and parents!

New Zealand is famous for beautiful scenery, friendly people, Adventure Tourism and clean modern cities. Our colleges in New Zealand offer courses all kind...

Education in New Zealand

The reason is not far-fetched from the fact that New Zealand has had an international reputation as a provider of quality education for quite some time now. It is an attractive destination for international students because the education system is...

Education System

Education System New Zealand
Code of Practice and Pastoral Care for International Students
The Code of Practice for overseas students was issued to ensure that international students are treated in a safe and ethical manner while studying in New...

Academic Year New Zealand

Academic Year for Secondary Schools and Universities
Secondary schooling
In New Zealand, secondary schools (known as either high schools or colleges) have 4 terms in a year, each of them being 10 weeks long. They start in February and end in mid-December....

Vocational Training

Vocational Training - New Zealand College
Polytechnics & Institutes of Technology
Colleges in New Zealand have an international focus within their courses and activities. An New Zealand college offers internationally recognized degrees.

Working in New Zealand

Students who are planning on studying in New Zealand for longer than three months need to apply for a student visa or permit. If your considered course is three months or shorter, you will only need to apply for a visitor’s permit.
Before applying f...

Study in NZ

Study in New Zealand

Discover why New Zealand is a great place to live, work, study or start a business.
New Zealand is a country where students can live and study in a safe and beautiful destination. New Zealand's famous natural beauty and the...

Student Visa

New Zealand offers world class Educational institutions.
Both Higher Education and Secondary School level Institute are acknowledged as some of the best in the world. With large campuses, fantastic facilities and qualified and professional teachers....

Work in New Zealand

A requirement needed, before entering New Zealand for educational purposes, is a student visa or permit. The approved visa grants access for the student to enter the country, enrol and study at an approved educational facility.
Note: If you’re enrolled i...
College NZ Application

College NZ Application

College in New Zealand - Application
Important information: Colleges in New Zealand charge monthly fees of NZ$ 8000 - 16.000 per semester (half a year).
International students have to keep in mind that living costs for accomodation food and free...

Student Visa

Student Visa New Zealand
An international student seeking to study in New Zealand is required to undergo the following application procedure in order to be considered. Firstly, the prospective student must apply to a preferred education provider that...


Education in New Zealand
International students will receive quality education which is well-recognised and respected internationally. International students will benefit from the education system that offers a high standard of living and tuition costs...

Academic Year

Academic Year New Zealand
The Academic Year in New Zealand for Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities

Secondary schools
In New Zealand, secondary schools (known as either high schools or colleges) have 4 terms in a year, each of them being...

Working in NZ

Working in New Zealand
International students who are planning on travelling to New Zealand to study must apply for a student visa or permit. Unless the course of study lasts for three months or less, then students will only need to apply for a visitor’s p...

New Zealand

New Zealand: a place to stay and study
From rolling green farmland to majestic snow-covered mountains, with numerous rare species of flora and fauna and a mild climate: is the offer too enticing?
Yes, it is. The over four million New Zealanders are...


New Zealand Sightseeing
New Zealand is a land of dramatic contrasts. With snow-capped mountain ranges, golden beaches, lush rainforests, cosmopolitan cities, quaint villages and a fascinating indigenous culture, New Zealand has something to offer for...

NZ Weather

New Zealand Weather
When heading in the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’, it’s a good idea to pack for variable weather conditions as the sky here is infamously unpredictable. Bring plenty of layers, waterproof gear and sun protection and you won’t be caug...


New Zealand Cities

Major Cities in New Zealand
Like Australia, New Zealand is also an island country. It is located 2000 kilometers south east of Australia and is comprised of two land masses commonly known as the North Island and the South Island....


Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island and is the second most populated after Auckland. It is a popular destination, especially during the winter as unlike the two other major cities in New Zealand, Auckland...


Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is the largest and most populated city; it has almost 1.4 million people. The city also has the largest Polynesian population in the world.  It is also commonly referred to as 'The City of Sails' due to all the...


Wellington New Zealand

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington; it is the third most populated city and is located on the North Island. The climate in Wellington is generally moderate throughout the year, with the average high temperature around...


Weather in New Zealand

New Zealand is recognised for its natural beauty, with many tourists assuming that New Zealand is a cold place. Seeing many photos of beautiful snow covered mountains this is no surprise.
Located in the Southern Hemisphere,...


New Zealand Places
Queenstown New Zealand
Picturesque Queenstown is one of pristine towns in New Zealand where hundreds of tourists throng each year to take part in skiing activities and mountaineering. The town in the South Island is flanked by Lake...

New Zealand Weather

New Zealand Weather and Climate
In New Zealand, weather and climate is heavily influenced by proximity to the sea, the topography (namely the Southern Alps) and the unique latitude zone it lies in (I.e. between 37 and 47 degrees south of the Tropic...

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