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New Zealand University - Service

New Zealand Universities have a diverse international community from all around the world - from over 80 different countries! We are delighted that you are considering studying at a New Zealand University and can offer you many interesting courses.

New Zealand has eight national universities offering degree programs in academic and professional studies and study abroad programs. All universities offer a broad range of subjects for degrees in commerce, science and the arts. Each university has also developed its own specialist subjects, such as engineering, computer studies, medicine and agriculture.

New Zealand universities have an international reputation for the success of its international students and provides a friendly and welcoming environment for students from over 60 countries.

If English is your second language then Universities Language Institutes offer you pathways into University study at degree level. The Language Institute teaches Academic and General English, and IELTS preparation.

For international students the benefits of studying in New Zealand are numerous and given its multicultural base it makes integration easy. ... more
Our International Centre supports international students, who like to study in New Zealand.

  1. an international orientation programs each semester
  2. a Drop-In Centre with free tea, coffee and Internet access
  3. advice on other support and academic services at the University
  4. advice on visa requirements, medical insurance and general concerns
  5. airport pick-ups through the Accommodation Office

University in New Zealand

For international students the benefits of studying in New Zealand are numerous and given its multicultural base it makes integration easy. ... more

New Zealand University Courses

About study abroad, undergraduate, postgraduate and English courses ... more

New Zealand Student Visa

Requirements for international students ... more

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University Application

Important : New Zealand Universities cost around NZ$ 8000 - 14.000 per semester for international students. Living expenses such as rent and food are around NZ$ 350 per week.

For further information or application, please contact our free student services...


University in New Zealand - Application Procedure

The basic level of admission is the same across the New Zealand university system. However, individual universities may require higher standards for admission to courses which are in high demand.



Work in New Zealand

Looking for work in New Zealand?
Enhancements to immigration policy will make it easier for international students to work and study in New Zealand.
The changes, will give more opportunities for international students to...

University Terms

New Zealand University Terms
University terminology can be confusing. We have included a selection of university terms that may be helpful, especially if you are a new students.
The academic award conferred by the university on the successful...


English in New Zealand
Entry and language requirements
Tertiary entry requirements
The criteria may vary in relation to entry to tertiary study, this depends on the institution that has been chosen by the student. In most respects or cases where...

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation New Zealand
Finding Accommodation in New Zealand
Before you organise accommodation, you should first consider your budget and your needs.  What can you afford?  Do you want to live with people?  Do you want to...


New Zealand Fees

New Zealand Fees
While universities fees may seem high to a student, New Zealand’s fees are quite low in comparison to other countries, and the quality of New Zealand tertiary institutes makes the fees worthwhile.
You will n...


New Zealand Flights
Air travel to New Zealand
Getting to New Zealand is easy with a number of major airlines making direct flights to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and other destinations in the ‘land of the long white cloud’. The very reputable Air...


Education in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a wide range of educational opportunities, from secondary schools to a variety of courses offered at tertiary institutions, for international students who are considering on studying there.
New Zealand...

Pastoral care & the code of practice

Studying in New Zealand
Pastoral care & the code of practice
While you are studying in New Zealand the Government wants you to be well informed and prepared with proper care and organisational structure provided for you. Where you can build...

Academic Year

Academic Year New Zealand
Each University provides quality service and support to its students through the efforts of range of departments and providing information for visitors including governance and management, organisational structure...

International Student Qualification

New Zealand qualifications for international students

Are New Zealand qualifications renowned for their quality?
International students intending to study in New Zealand will be pleased to know that the quality and standard of New Zealand education...

Tertiary Education Sector

New Zealand Tertiary Education sector

The New Zealand tertiary education sector includes private education and training providers, polytechnics & institutes of technology, wanaga (Maori learning centres), colleges of education, universities and...

Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand is a beautiful country that welcomes visitors from abroad with open arms, including those who wish to take advantage of its high standard of education and training.
If you would like to study a short course...


New Zealand University - Information for international students

New Zealand Universities have a diverse international community from all around the world - from over 80 different countries! We are delighted that you are considering studying at...

University of Auckland

Why choose the University of Auckland?

Established in1883 the University of Auckland is ranked in the top 1% of the worlds Universities. Now made up of eight faculties over six campuses The University of Auckland offers a full range of remarkable...

Auckland - Study in Auckland

Auckland welcomes international students

The city of Auckland welcomed more than 1000 new international students today with a powhiri and kapa haka during a civic ceremony held at Auckland's Town Hall. The students will be studying within the...

Auckland University of Technology

Established in 1895 The Auckland University of Technology is the newest university in New Zealand. It was formed in 2000 when the university was granted status.

Students: 22,000 students (2006). Approximately 2,980 international students

New Zealand tertiary providers win multi-million dollar Middle East contract

New Zealand tertiary providers win multi-million dollar Middle East contract

On Monday 29th May the New Zealand Tertiary Education Consortium (NZTEC) and the Omani Minister of Higher Education, Dr Rawya Saud Al Busaidi, signed a major educational...

AUT University - Business School building in Auckland

Cutting edge technology gains architecture award

AUT University's Business School building in Auckland has won one of the New Zealand Institute of Architects' 2006 Supreme Awards for Architecture.

Architects Jasmax created the award-winning building...

AUT - Biotechnology Research Institute

New deal hopes to increase IVF success 
Couples having fertility treatment may in the near future benefit from a technology developed by biotechnology company KODE Biotech Limited, an AUT University partner institution.

KODE Biotech signed an agreement ...

AUT Bachelor of Dance students have begun studying towards RAD Registered Teacher Status - an internationally recognised qualification

Global status for RAD dancers
AUT Bachelor of Dance students have begun studying towards RAD Registered Teacher Status - an internationally recognised qualification

Natalie Newman, Victoria McGregor and Ruth Wall (pictured right) were among the dance...

AUT lecturer - Texting boosts student study

Texting boosts student study
A mobile texting platform designed by an AUT lecturer is delivering course content into the hands of tertiary students

A mobile texting platform designed by an AUT University lecturer is delivering course content and...

Auckland University of Technology - AUT - TOEIC Testing Centre

AUT International House TOEIC Testing Centre
We are very pleased to announce that AUT International House is now a TOEIC testing centre and offers TOEIC examination preparation courses. Students of mid intermediate level and above who are enrolled in...

Auckland University of Technology - AUT student - Auckland White Pages winner

A Auckland University of Technology student, Jenny Jeffries, has won the right to have her work published on more than 750,000 phone directories across the whole of Auckland. Ms Jeffries was instrumental in designing the cover of this year's Auckland...

Auckland - AUT Institute of Public Policy

The AUT's Institute of Public Policy (IPP), a prominent think tank, have joined forces to form the Metro Project Group.

The IPP has partnered with the Auckland regional council and the Committee for Auckland to develop an action plan for shaping the...

Master of Design and a Doctorate of Design

AUT University is launching a new one-year professional Master of Design and a Doctorate of Design
A new one-year professional Master of Design programme being launched in July will bring the number of postgraduate programmes on offer at AUT University’s S...

Earth and Oceanic Sciences Research Institute (EOS)

Tracked turtle returns
An AUT PhD student has discovered a small population of green sea turtles in New Zealand waters.

A turtle being tracked as part of PhD student Dan Godoy’s research has made a 500km journey to return to where he spent the b...

NZ Govt to Reform Tertiary Funding

The government has decided to step in and prevent universities and colleges from cramming in students into tiny lecture halls by offering them incentives to improve the quality of their course delivery.

The government has decided to that it is time...

University of Waikato

The University of Waikato


Hamilton's University of Waikato was established in 1964 and is based over 0.67 km² (170 acres) of landscaped park-like foundation, this includes large sporting and entertaining areas surrounding three ornamental ...

University of Waikato Overview


“There is no stopping you” - its motto sums up what the University of Waikato is all about. The institution places a strong emphasis on providing its students with a comprehensive education meeting the highest standards of todays employment mar...

University of Waikato Courses


There are a number of courses on offer at the University of Waikato. Here are the main program areas:

Art & Social Sciences
Science & Engeneering
Computing & Mathematical Sciences

University of Waikato Entry Requirements

Entry requirements

These vary depending on the course chosen and, with international students, the country of origin. German applicants for instance have to have successfully passed their Abitur or Allgemeine Fachhochschulreife. Plese contact one...

Waikato University - Education Minister, Hon. Steve Maharey, and Minister of Maori Affairs, Hon. Parekura Horomia, visited Waikato University

Ministerial visit discusses Maori education and research at Waikato University 1 June 2006
Education Minister, Hon. Steve Maharey, and Minister of Maori Affairs, Hon. Parekura Horomia, visited Waikato University yesterday (Wednesday 31 May) to learn...

Waikato University - Waikato software finalist in Stockholm Challenge

The New Zealand Digital Library Group at Waikato University has scored its' way into the final of the 2006 Stockholm Challenge with its' innovative Greenstone digital library software.

Amazingly, the softwate has been selected from 1,100 entries filed...

University of Waikato researchers - Waikato research has international impact

Waikato research has international impact
University of Waikato researchers have been invited to participate in a prestigious international research meeting from April 7-11 in San Francisco.

The annual American Educational Research Association (AERA)...

University of Waikato and Environment Waikato

Swamp Message Fuels Festival
The University of Waikato and Environment Waikato are working together to bring an innovative theatrical production designed to promote the conservation of Waikato wetlands to local audiences.

Environment Waikato regional...

Victoria University of Wellington


Victoria University of Wellington take pride in its 100 year old history and tradition of strong international links, teaching, research and programmes that are of national significance and of recognised quality internationally. The university...

Flights to New Zealand

Air Travel to New Zealand
Ki Ora from New Zealand.  If you’re reading this, you’ve accepted an offer to study at one of our beautiful universities, or are considering applying for a place.  Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice!  Now t...

Universities in New Zealand

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University in New Zealand

Higher Education
Higher, or Degree-level Education is mainly offered at a university in New Zealand, but some degree programmes are also available at institutes of technology, polytechnics, wananga and colleges of education, and at some private training...
Study Abroad

Study Abroad

University in New Zealand - Study Abroad

New Zealand's eight universities are part of the international university community. Degree programmes from New Zealand universities are recognised internationally by all leading universities. Within the scope...

University in New Zealand

New Zealand… It is a beautiful country in the Southern Hempisphere with a low cost of living and for University students – low fees and a plethora of advantages! ... more

Degree Program

A degree is an advanced tertiary qualification awarded after the satisfactory completion of an advanced study program.

The program is taught by academics with a strong research background and some subjects may have a strong research component. Study...

Study Abroad New Zealand

Universities in New Zealand offer an outstanding study abroad experience.

The flexibility of the New Zealand university system givesyou a great selection of courses and subjects, as well as the opportunity to truly immerse yourself into the Kiwi...

University Application

Our student service is free of charge and you can reach us 24/7 per email.

Study fees in New Zealand are around NZ$8000 - 12000 per Semester.
Living costs are around NZ$300 per week.
Ask us for more information.


University Courses

Foundation programmes and language courses

programmes to help you gain an entry qualification to university if you do not have a strong academic background,
preparation courses to help you gain confidence and skills
complete an English language...

Study Abroad New Zealand

Study Abroad in New Zealand

There are many study abroad programmes in New Zealand. Becoming increasingly popular due to the growing interest in New Zealand as a country, this country is known for it's spectacular beauty and interesting indigenous...

Postgraduate New Zealand

Postgraduate Study in New Zealand

Postgraduate study in New Zealand is run through a University. Generally Postgraduate courses are a one year long course which consists of further study after successfully completing a Bachelor Degree. It will enhance...


Undergraduate Study in New Zealand

Possibly the most popular form of tertiary study in New Zealand. An Undergraduate course is provided by all Universities as well as many specialist private education providers. In New Zealand Undergraduate Study is...


New Zealand Foundation Programmes

Many New Zealand Universities and other Higher Education providers offer a course called a Foundation Programme. A Foundation Programme is a one year course designed for students who do not speak English as a first...


New Zealand Language Courses

English Language schools in New Zealand are run through private college's. These colleges are in every city throughout the country. As English is the native language in New Zealand it is a great idea to learn some of it....

State Funded Universities

State Funded Universities

Universities New Zealand State Funded

State-Funded Universities in New Zealand
There are eight state-funded universities in New Zealand and they are partners in the international community as far as learning and research is concerned.

Universities in New Zealand - Where can I study

The quality of a New Zealand university education is well recognised internationally. Many New Zealand graduates are awarded prestigious prizes and scholarships for further study in countries other than New Zealand. The living costs and cost of university...

Waikato University

Why Waikato University?

Waikato University is the largest in New Zealand and, with its leafy grounds and beautiful lakes, could easily be the most beautiful. But it’s more than just a pretty face – a 2006 Tertiary Education Commission research stu...

University of Auckland

Why Auckland?

Auckland is the largest and most populous urban area in New Zealand.  As a thriving metropolitan city, you can expect a wide variety of restaurants, bars, art galleries, museums, theatres and sporting facilities.  But Auckland i...

Auckland University of Technology

Why Auckland?

Auckland is commonly mistaken for New Zealand’s capital city*, as it is the nation’s biggest and most populous city. With a large multicultural population (and the largest Polynesian population in the southern hemisphere), it is ...

Victoria University of Wellington

Why Wellington?

Wellington, the world’s southernmost capital city, ranked 12th in a 2009 survey of the quality of life in 215 major cities around the world.  It was almost named one of the cheapest cities to live in, making it a haven for students.

New Ze...

International Students in New Zealand

Student Support

There are many highly qualified and experienced staff providing support for all students studying at Victoria.

The Victoria International (VI) Services Team helps with student visas, insurance and general student advice. The VI...

New Zealand Student Accommodation

Staying in a Hall of Residence is an excellent way to get to know Wellington. Most halls arrange a week of orientation to the hall, Victoria University and the city and all provide a friendly, helpful place to live throughout the year.

They offer the...

Life in New Zealand

LIVING COSTS: Living costs depend on where and how you choose to live. The average weekly cost of a Hall of Residence is between NZ$180 and NZ$300 and it may include up to three daily meals, internet, electricity and local phone costs.

Rent for flatting...

New Zealand

New Zealand

Not only is New Zealand a country of extraordinary natural beauty and rich urban space, it also has a history of pioneering thought. It has reached the peak of world achievement in sport, science, politics and the arts.

Diversity of thinking, enterprise...


The political and cultural heartbeat of New Zealand

International students are warmly welcomed to New Zealand’s capital city: multi-cultural and well connected, full of bright, open-minded people. It is ideal for students who may have limited E...

Wellington Festivals

Below is a selection of some of the most popular events and festivals that may be on during your time at Victoria University of Wellington.

Cuba Street Carnival: This biennial, two-day event includes town music and entertainment stages, street...

Victoria University NZ Testimonials

From: Easter Island, Chile
Interests: Tennis, waterpolo, music
Studying: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Pacific Studies

New Zealand is a peaceful country with a high-level educational standard and
lovely, friendly people.

I came to Victoria...

Study in Wellington - Victoria University International Programmes

Victoria offers international programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in cooperation with partner institutions throughout the world.

Victoria’s international programmes support a wide range of different opportunities for both staff a...

Victoria University Research

Victoria University of Wellington-Where exceptional scholarship and original thought connect.

Victoria is known for its internationally significant research. The University is New Zealand’s leading research and development centre in many key international g...

Victoria University Degrees

Victoria’s seven Faculties – Architecture and Design, Commerce and Administration, Education, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, and Science – offer internationally-recognised undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and doctoral study in a ...

Victoria University Graduates

A degree from Victoria University emphasises that scholarship continues well beyond university. Students acquire skills that give them the confidence to turn their scholarship into a career.

Victoria graduates consistently enjoy one of the highest...

Phd in New Zealand

Victoria PhD Scholarship: These scholarships have an annual stipend for living costs of NZ$21,000 plus tuition fees for up to three years. Approximately 75 full scholarships are available each year over three rounds.

Closing dates for PhD funding...

Study Abroad

Many international students choose to study for a term shorter than a full degree programme, as part of a study abroad or exchange programme.

STUDY ABROAD: Study Abroad students study at Victoria University for one or two trimesters and can have...

English in Wellington

The English Language Institute offers 12-week, full-time English Proficiency courses to help students develop their English language skills and language learning strategies.

The Institute’s highly qualified staff have had professional experience i...

Architecture Studies

Victoria’s Faculty of Architecture and Design occupies a central city location that offers world-class exhibition spaces, lecture theatres, workshops, computer labs and design studios.

Our location means we are able to easily engage working practitioners i...

Commerce and Administration Studies

Faculty of Commerce and Administration
Pipitea and Kelburn Campuses
School of Accounting and Commercial Law
School of Economics and Finance
School of Government
School of Information Management
School of Marketing and International...

Education Studies

The creation of a knowledge-rich society and economy: this is the vision of Victoria’s Faculty of Education.

The very best teachers understand that every stage of a child’s development is of equal importance for the formation of knowledge and all are...

Engineering Studies

Faculty of Engineering
Kelburn Campus

School of Engineering and Computer Science

The new School of Engineering and Computer Science teaches the four specialisations of the Bachelor of Engineering (BE) and the Computer Science major...

Humanities and Social Science Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Kelburn Campus
School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies
School of English, Film, Theatre, and Media Studies
Graduate School of Nursing and Midwifery
School of History, Philosophy,...

Law Studies

Victoria is home to one of New Zealand’s oldest and most respected Law Schools, a stimulating centre for study that draws particular focus from its proximity to government and the courts. Housed in the historic Government Buildings of inner-city Wellington, a...

Science Studies

Schools of Science
Kelburn Campus
Biological Sciences
Chemical and Physical Sciences
Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences
Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research

The unknown is infinite. Victoria’s F...

Victoria University Degrees

FIRST DEGREES: First degrees are also called undergraduate degrees, or Bachelor degrees.  The degree is awarded when a certain programme of university study is complete.

Most first degrees take three years to complete and require at least one subject ...

Studying in New Zealand - Victoria International Leadership Programme

The Victoria International Leadership Programme (VILP) is an extra-curricular opportunity for students to enhance their global competency, intercultural awareness and leadership potential while studying for a degree at Victoria.

The first of its kind...

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