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Education in New Zealand comprises of early childhood learning, primary and secondary schooling, college, and university education. The New Zealand degrees and certificates are recognized globally. Thousands of international students come over to New Zealand each year to study abroad and make a smooth career move.

Primary schooling starts at the age of 5 while secondary schooling begins from the age of 13. Students after studying for 5 more years move on to tertiary education in colleges or universities to study further. The school students must appear for the a test to qualify for an internationally recognized certification, New Zealand secondary school certificate or the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).  

There are 8 national universities in the country that offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses. There are 20 recognized technical institutes and polytechnics that offer skilled curriculum and vocational training. Higher education offered in colleges, polytechnics, or universities has 10 levels of study. Level 1 starts with a certificate degree and Level 10 is equivalent to the doctoral degree. Students need to study courses of greater complexity and difficulty as they attend the successive levels.

International students can study in New Zealand institutes provided they meet English language criteria and have the required academic qualification. The courses and degrees are internationally accredited. The Ministry of Education takes care of the standard as per the accepted norm in the international arena. The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) keeps a tab on teaching and assessment quality. From time to time, audits are conducted to ensure, recognized educational institutes follow similar standards as expected at their level.

Education in New Zealand is not complete without a practical assignment. Tertiary students studying vocational or academic courses must work as interns to get their required degree.

To know more about education in New Zealand, types of institutes and courses offered in the country, and more, contact our student counsellor.

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