Student Visa

New Zealand offers world class Educational institutions.

Both Higher Education and Secondary School level Institute are acknowledged as some of the best in the world. With large campuses, fantastic facilities and qualified and professional teachers. It is no wonder that many international students are interested in studying here.

After a student has chosen a course and institute that they wish to study at, they will need to apply to the institute directly. Once accepted the student will be sent via post a confirmation letter proving their acceptance. An international student will need to keep this letter in order to apply for a Student Visa.

The Student Visa can be applied for through Immigration New Zealand, any student studying full time in an approved and accredited course must apply for a Student Visa. If the student does not have the required visa they will not be accepted into the country.

Those who do not require a Student Visa or Permit include, New Zealand citizens, Australian citizens, if the student holds a New Zealand Resident Permit, or if the student has an Australian Residence Visa including a current Australian Residence Return Visa.

A student studying an approved short course, which runs for 3 months or less does not need to apply for a Student Visa. In this case the student will need to apply for a Visitor Visa. However if a student plans to study another short course during the duration of the first course or commencing after the completion of the first course, they will need to apply for a Student Visa.

High School exchange students will require a Student Visa also, although the requirements for the application may be different to those studying Higher Education courses. The exchange student will need to provide evidence of their acceptance into the Student Exchange Scheme and have onward travel plans for after completion of the Exchange Scheme. They must also meet Health and Character requirements.

For students aged 13 years or under, they must be accompanied by a Student Guardian who holds a Student Guardian Visa. Any person holding a Student Guardian Visa must be able to support both themselves and the child whilst in New Zealand.

All Student Visa applicants are required to provide the following information:

  1. Proof of acceptance.
  2. The name of the course including the minimum time required to complete it.
  3. Proof that the Educational Institute meets the requirements for International Students.
  4. Proof of how much the course will cost in total.
  5. Evidence of what the student has to pay, including whether the sum is in domestic or foreign currency.
  6. Whether the course is Full or Part time study.
  7. Proof that the student can support themselves financially whilst in New Zealand.
  8. Proof of intention to leave New Zealand after completion of the course.
  9. A valid Passport.

Any person applying for a Visa in New Zealand must meet Health and Character requirements. Applicants must provide a current medical certificate as well as a Tuberculosis clearance in the form of a chest x-ray. Please note children under the age of 11 and pregnant women are not required to provide a Tuberculosis clearance. Any applicant aged 17 years or older must also provide a current Police certificate.

Once the Immigration Department of New Zealand has contacted the applicant stating that their visa has been approved.

The student must understand the rules and regulations a visa holder must abide by whilst in New Zealand.

  1. A student must attend their course at the place of intention.
  2. If a student is accompanied by a Student Guardian, they must live with this person.
  3. The student must show that they are passing the course of study.
  4. The student is only allowed to work the hours that are showed on their student permit.
  5. A visa holder must abide by New Zealands laws.
  6. The visa holder must only stay in New Zealand for the course duration.

Applying for a Student Visa may seem like a complicated process, how ever once the Student Visa has been attained a stay in New Zealand is a very rewarding and exciting experience.

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