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Pathways to the New Zealand Experience

Free Application Process and Student Counselling

International students make up a high proportion of the student body of New Zealand institutions. Our student counsellors will assist students to understand the requirements of studying in New Zealand.

International students who like to study in New Zealand can contact our free of charge education agency for personal assistance and admission to study programs.

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Our International Student Support Services include:

  1. Information on studying in New Zealand
  2. Recommendations, helping you select the appropriate Educational Institute (University, College, TAFE, Language School, High School)
  3. Information on English Language Tests
  4. Preparation of your application forms – You only need one set of application forms (certified copies of your academic and work results, references, original English test results etc). We translate the documents for you, organise additional certified copies and submit your application at the Australian Education Institutes for you.
  5. Guidance on how to apply at an New Zealand Education Institution.
  6. On-going support after an application for study has been submitted.
  7. Support on Visa issues like application, extension or renewal.
  8. Information helping you to organise cheap and convenient flights to and from New Zealand.
  9. Assistance in finding accommodation.
  10. Information and support to help you get set-up in New Zealand (Health Insurance, Bank Accounts, Public Transport, Student Discounts).
  11. Information how to get Australian awards recognized at your home Education Institutes (Credit Transfer).
  12. On-Arrival Service
  13. Continuous contact with AA Education Network and information on special offers from Education Institutes
  14. Cost-free membership in the New Zealand-Education Club to ensure complete support on all student related questions (e.g. How can I find shared accommodation? Can I take my pet with me? How do I find child-care facilities in New Zealand? How do I handle communication problems with my co-students, cultural differences, stress etc.).
  15. Emergency Email.
  16. Dedicated personal contact during your stay in New Zealand.

Education Providers

Education Providers New Zealand

Find out about your study opportunities – where you can study and the qualifications you can gain. Click here!

English Language Schools in New Zealand
New Zealand is an English speaking country a...

English Language Schools in New Zealand

New Zealand is an English speaking country and most New Zealanders are of British descent. It is an attractive, friendly and relaxing country to study English with a wide range of adventure and recreational activities to make your time more enjoyable.


Polytechnics & Colleges

Polytechnics have traditionally specialised in vocational training, but that role has expanded over the last decade to meet the needs of learners and the economy. Many are involved in research activities, particularly in applied and technological...

New Zealand High Schools

New Zealand high schools - secondary schools vary in aspects such as single sex vs. co-education, religious emphasis, sporting strength and arts curriculum. Some students prefer small high schools or boarding schools where they will receive a lot of individual...

New Zealand Boarding Schools


Reasons for choosing a boarding school in New Zealand:

High academic level: The achievements of New Zealand boarding schools are very transparent and therefore comparable. Furthermore, taking part in a ranking system spurs top academic...

Work in New Zealand

Working in New Zealand - Looking for work in New Zealand
We welcome people wanting to study and work in New Zealand. Depending on the reason you want to come here, the skills you have to offer, and how long you want to stay, New Zealand has a selection...

New Zealand Jobs

New Zealand Jobs - Jobs in New Zealand
The Special Category Working Holiday Visa allows you to take incidental employment during your stay in New Zealand. There is plenty of short-term and casual work available and many employers prefer backpackers...

Au Pair New Zealand

AU PAIR in New Zealand
Advantages of Au Pair Jobs in New Zealand
Spend some months with an New Zealand family
Make new friends and learn about New Zealand
Benefit from exciting study programmes
Enjoy your independent travel
Whether you are...

Enrol now

There are many reasons for international students to study abroad in New Zealand. New Zealand has so much to offer!

Many international students study abroad in New Zealand to combine a top quality education with the famous New Zealand lifestyle which...

New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Visa
New Zealand Immigration Service
Registered Immigration Agents help you with details on student visa applications and conditions.
New Zealand Visa Requirements
Before leaving home you should always ensure that you have the appropriate...

Student Visa

Coming to New Zealand to study for a course lasting longer than three months? You will probably need to apply for a Student Visa. Find out about visas and permits and whether you need one.

Taking one course only, for less than three months? You can...

New Zealand Working Visa

Enhancements to immigration policy will make it easier for international students to work and study in New Zealand. The changes which come into force from 4 July 2005, will give more opportunities for international students to gain work permits after...

New Zealand Work Visa

The following is a new guiding statement for immigration student policy. Immigration student policy contributes to New Zealand’s sustainable economic development by:

facilitating the entry of genuine students, with a focus on attracting and developing s...

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) currently allow young people from different countries to spend 12 months in New Zealand and undertake temporary work.
The schemes contribute to positive outcomes for New Zealand by strengthening international linkages,...

New Zealand Guide

International students who have a valid Offer Letter are cordially invited by the institute authorities.

AA Education Network helps students to get a perfect landing – starting from their departure from the home country to the arrival at New Z...

Schools in New Zealand - Orientation

Schools in New Zealand - Orientation

The type of induction program offered to international students depends on the institution. Language schools normally involve guided tours and tour lectures. New Zealand schools may offer printed material to guide...

New Zealand Shopping

New Zealand Shopping

New Zealand is a mecca for trendy and fashionable international and local shops and offers consumers a world of luxury and comfort that many New Zealanders have come to expect.

Business hours

Opening hours are normally...

New Zealand Tax

New Zealand Tax

Understanding the tax system

If you stay for more than six months in New Zealand or have a enduring relationship with New Zealand as defined by the Inland Revenue Department, you are considered a "resident" for tax purposes.


Banks in New Zealand

Banks in New Zealand

Banking & Currency

New Zealand notes are traded in the following denominations - $100, $20, $10 and $5. Coins come in gold-coloured $2 and $1 denominations while there are also silver-coloured coins with 50, 20, 10 and 5 cent...

New Zealand Phone

Telephone, email and mail communication

Most public booths in New Zealand accept credit cards but only a few accept coins.
Calls to emergency services on 111 are free
The country code is 64.
Local telephone numbers have seven digits.

New Zealand Rental

New Zealand Rental
New Zealand accommodation is one of the lucrative privileges offered to students studying in New Zealand. Each New Zealand hotel is of the highest quality. Moreover, they are located close to the student's study location for convenience....


If you want to study in New Zealand, at school or tertiary level, you may need to get some advice.

Click here to receive free support

Partner in New Zealand

Joining a partner in New Zealand

If you have a partner who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, or has a work permit to work in one of the New Zealand jobs or student visa to study in New Zealand, you may be eligible to join your partner in New Zealand...

New Zealand Insurance

All international students are required by a Code of Practice to have New Zealand travel and medical insurance when considering study in a New Zealand institution. This can be arranged prior to arrival in New Zealand.
New Zealand Insurance Company -...

New Zealand Cost of Living

New Zealand Cost of Living

The cost of living is comparable to that of Australia and less than in Britain. For more information, please contact our team!

Our service helps to calculate the living cost for the student studying in New Zealand...

NZ Jobs

Internship and Jobs in New Zealand


If you are studying tertiary education, you must complete a practical on-the-job project to get your degree. This is done through an internship program that helps you to master special skills and...

NZ Education

New Zealand Education

Education in New Zealand comprises of early childhood learning, primary and secondary schooling, college, and university education. The New Zealand degrees and certificates are recognized globally. Thousands of international...

NZ Travel

New Zealand Travel

New Zealand is often termed as a traveller’s paradise because of its pristine natural beauty, rare flora and fauna, and adventure playground that is suitable for bungy jumping, trekking, hiking, and more. Travellers from all p...

Air New Zealand

Flying to New Zealand

Many NZ cities offer direct flights.
Strict security measures to protect against terrorism and pestilence

Duty free shopping
Goods up to the value of NZ$700 are exempt from duty

Carrying Cash
You must notify a...

NZ Immigration

New Zealand Immigration

Many skilled people, students, and travellers plan to immigrate to New Zealand each year. You must fulfil the visa application formalities to get your visa sanctioned. Some visit New Zealand on a Student Visa, Work Visa,...

New Zealand Cities

Picturesque New Zealand has beautiful cities interspersed in North Island and South Island. The cities are famous for parks, beach activities, vineyards, orchards, and various types of industries. Well-planned and attractive, the cities are regularly...

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